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If TER MORTGAGE MONEY irorda f.PT el Vk BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 1 59 tY ilAht I otit, lk 1.1r,..11. lir, I' 'i; A enroluo rtimuirt, HH PrroS I 18,1944 PACE 19 PITTSBURGH SUNTELEGRAPH 82 HORSES, STOCK, VEHICLES 1 ii non 14,1 Pm trivt.ra Ntit a 4.1.,,s6m, Hot ler Roo 11.1 tors beti I's re itatier Gull COurte. Ste ,2 MAI! NEIN WANTED 1 i I ri 1 IP Ar i l'ot, Low. ti A rtp.g 1 nit, MiliP 11.01mal ekalPoleittup tl inanir neo II, on 1104, ott App nlIqo'n'et mon ti a ni el.11,t Pa tUrtia A Co PAIlAi A ve. a im Poti Is rtmALI NELP WANTED 1 vi-, 4 .1,1,61,, ----r. good pay. itatt. 0, 113 iTen: I no, .,1, fi St la, rA1-7, 6, t'r 1 1 e'flY1 E'll--i'ar -One! -7r-re 1,, 4,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, t. Paratrooper 1 Missing Here 'swig Plc. Marvin O. Jackson, 20, a i paiatrooper, has been missing in France 1 June 6. A i This pe ,0 a recently 1 pe' s. fAvt 4'. I 1 1. 1 At I- i I I tEITH NOTICE! DEATH NCTICIS IrIT14, tier') husband ot htliel E. McNo idy teeleed at tho home of 1,16 Mr falter of Joseph, PIC- and hire. Harry Magner, 12'22 lictiatiee iiartV, Francis p. and 3 liaseell An- Ave, I uiur fl trgh reasi at Mews Fri, nle received at the Andrew I st Josephe Church, taiquesec. Weines. Mein Fancal Home 123 North Ave Mill. day, Jib), 19. at Idol-meta tal vale, until 'ednenday at StNilleM IEh Mans at al, Athenaeum' Churih, Well ist1111.14,11 suddenly, in New York City, View, at 6 a. Mobile tAdal Inn on rid, Joiy 14. 11,41 WilLarn leivrIfia papers Menai I Schiller, husband of Kathleen Miner Alit 111.11-0t 142 Hornaday Rd Car- Schiller, Futee.il services at the rick. on Sundae July 16, 1a44. at 7 70 a of Ma brother, Morgan R. Enoch husband of the late Sarah Jane pa im aiterno, at 3 Fullard Archer in his 7Sth year, father SCHMIDT on July 17. 1944. Mrs itioh Shaffer Mre. Emma Ander at 5.fal P- m. at her residence. 19.J5 Nortn, son, Wilfred J. and Howard Aroher. Jr-S omhgeoLoa iKIH ta wire of vivid bv 5 araidehildren and 2 great- Albert J. Netimidt, mother of Margaret. Ireindchildren. Friends recelied sif the Florence. Breit net la Martin atrid Pvt. funeral home of John D. Schaub Sam Howard 81,11111111 1 Friendi received at 11 424 'Brownsville Rd, hit. Oliver. Services totnition's. hri7 Neville St. Solemn requiem P' tn Friend Mail mug at St. Bodes Church Thursday membera ot Telephone Pioneers of America morning at 10 o'elocit are invited. Interment Jefferson Memorial Shittaar4On Motioay, July 17, Joseph, Para Of 5172 Carnegie AO husband of ritella July 17, 1944 Novich Slimes and father of Mrs, Mary Mary Lotilltarbii, beloved Lentiarell Ogonowaky, Mn Heen Mrs, Ittosonan; mother of Lawreitae. Leonard! Anna, Ricattl. Mrs Stella Et sgt. Harry, Fred, Dorothy, Isoetta John and Corp. Edward Sitrodi Yuma anl cora gAwara Bergman inversette) received at the King Funeral Home Frienls reoeived at the fiktilliV home, 2933 at A2nd St, High of Siallord Sheraden, where services, Eleran's Church oil Thuredriv at il a in be held Friday at 2 30 p. m. Friends Interment St. Marys Cemetery, Sharpenen eL burg of 756 So. Winebidelle laTRAellealSudilenly. On Monday, July beloved ushaild of H. Emily Johneon; 17, late, Emily Jithe Strachan (nee MacOrother of Edward R. and Frank R. Donald), of 1813 W. Liberty Aye, widow Funeral trout W. N. Winter Funeral Horns, of Janie HitI Strachan: meaner of Mrs. 4730 Friendenip Ave. on Wednenday. July Emily Blies; sister Of Alex, George, 19. at 2 p. Friends and members ot Arthur, William, James and John Mac. Milan Lodge 287. A. Penna. Con- Donald, Friends; received at the Reinsietory, Syria Temple and Islam Grotto hauer etortuary. 7630 W. Liberty are Invited, where eervices will be held WednetMay BRIM te William P. humbend of Vele afternoon at. 3 o'clock. Friends and hi. Graney; father of Pot, William F. members of William Penn Chapter, No. Robert Corp. frisson Pie Ink Order of Eastern Star, lovited. In-Eugene Q. and Mn, Marion Corcoran. terment in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. from the L. P. Smith Funeral TVILERAt the family home, 7741 Hem, Kane, 170 Brighton Pl. Notice of time iHon Ave on Sunday, July la. 1044. Mary ater Heckler, beloved wife of Horace Tyler; tARLSONErnest age 51 years, died mother of Helen A. Tyler. Friends re It Ms lat. home, gig Main Irwin. celyed at the M. F. Leslie Funeral Home, 'a, July 17, 1944, at p. after 721 Brushton Ave. Services Wednesday at in Illnesa of 10 months; survived by hie 2 m. vire, Mee. Reba S. Carlson; one daughter, VOLLMEROn Saturday, July 15, 1944, 'ire. Jack E. Schmidt, of Turtle Creek, John beloved hueband of Mary A. one brother. Gustaf lir. Carlson; Otit mer. of 120 Richey Ave. Fattier of John inter, Mrs. Samuel G. Magnus. of Irwin, Lawrence George Ralph 'a. Funeral services from the (Mont Col, Robert 1, Pfc, Wilbert E. Mrs. Marie roneeal Home 213 Fifth Irwin, Flanigan. Mrs, Ruth A. Miller. Mrs. Thursday, July 20. at 2 p. m. Interment Beatrice Daugherty. etre. Alice M. rain Union Cemetery. Black. Mee Eugenia A. omczyk and Mifi ('LARKOf 3334 Bookman Brent- Edna M. Vollmer. Frientie may call at rood. Suddenly on Sunday, July la. 1944. le B. Gevlin's New Home, 410 Sherman rt 10:20 a. Walter, husband of Ger- Ave N. te, Funeral on Wedneelfty rude Briekett Clark, in his h8th year, ing. Requiem high maas at Church of the ether of Sgt. Alfred Clark and lira Al- Nativity Franklin flood at 9 o'clock. Jackson; also survived by one grand- WIRTIIAt his residence, 4924 Sainte Mid. Friends recei ved at the uneral St. Monday, July 17, 1944, Alphonse, be-tome of John D. kiehaub Sons, 425 Browns- loved humband of the late Anna Karen tile Mt. Oliver Services on Wednen- Bauer, father of Lawrence W'Irth and aY at 3'30 p. Tn. Friends and members brother of Miss Rose Wirth and Mrs. Mary Carrirk Eagles 1520 are invited. In Rohl. Friends received at the Straka fru. erment South Side Cemetery. aerial Horne, 5010 Liberty Ave. Requiem COVI.EAt the home of her son, 1235, high mass at St. Joseph's Church 'Thursday, 'revanian Regent 144., Monclay. July July 211. it 10 a. m. Friends invited. 7. at 11:15 p. Mary C. Donahue, ZIEGLERAt her home, 737 Railroad iidow of James Coyle and mother of Emma McKee. Rocks. on Sunday, July la. and Dr. Joseph A. Coyle, Friends re- Daisy Ziegler. beloved wife of dived at the Limbacher Funeral Home, 24 Walter Ziegler, and mother of Elizabeth loliand Braddock, Funeral Thursday, Ghee. Anna McNabb, Dorothy anti Private uly 20, with requiem high mass at tit, W. C. Ziegler. Frnemis received at the itiselMs Church. awieseale, at 9:30 in. Clever Stover Funeral Horne, 534 nterment private, (Chicago. 111., and hickees Roche. FUT1011.1 servicen h'ovidence, R. I. papers please copal Wednesday at 2 p. to. RONESuddenly, on Monday morning, uly 17, t944, at the St. HOI1Dilat, IN MEMORIAM funersi home of John Schaub gem. itrowneville hit. Oliver Services Wellneeritiv itt 2 in Friends and membere ot Telephone PPionoc re of An' tire invited. Interment Jefteison Memorial Peril et ERG AN-Monday. July 17, 11144 Mary Lauterbach, beloved w.fe of Leeitard Beiginan; mother of Lawrence, Harry, Hilda. Fred, Dorothy, Loiettit anti Corp eAse tied Reiman i overseite de ien rm, ea 'mwl home, 23 erhoi a al he held Friday at 2.30 in. invis BitosE-Johe of 256 So. Winehiddle St beloved usharld of Emily Johreon, of Edward R. and Frank R. neral trout W. N. Winter Funeral Horne, 4730 leriendsnip on Wednesday. July 19 at 2 p. rn. Friends and members ot Milan Lodge 287. le. A. Penna. sistory. Syria Temple and Islam Grotto are invited. BROWN le humband of Elsie M. Graney; father of Pvt. Witham Jr. cnrp. Robert Corp. Josepti Pie. Eugene G. and Mn, Marion Corcoran. Funeral from the L. P. Smith Funeral Home, TM Brighton Pl. Notice of time later (AR.MN-Ernest 5,, Age 51 years, died at las late home. 615 Main Irwin. Pa, July 17, 1944, at p. after an Ilinesa of 10 months; survived by his wife, Mrs. Reba K. Cal icon one daughter. Mrs. Jaek E. Schmidt, of Turtle Creek. one brother. Gustaf Ir. Cartoon: One slitter, Mrs. Samuel G. Magnus, of Irwin, Pa. Funeral services from the Glunt Funeral Home, 213 Fifth St, Irwin, July 20. at 2 el. M. Interment Irwin Union Cemetery. CLARK Of 333e Bookman Ave. Brent, wood. Suddenly On Sunday. July lie 11044. 10:20 C. Walter, husband of tier- trude Brickett Clark, in his 58th year, lather of Sgt. Alfred Clark and Mra. A 1- berta Jackson; also survived by one child Frienas eeceived at the antral of John D. etehaub Sons. 425 Browns- lit. Mt. Oliver Services on Wednesday at 319 p. in. Friends and members Carrielt Eagles 1520 are invited, In- terment south Elide Cemetery. I (tvi.cAt the home of her son. 1235, Trevanian Regent Sea, Monclay. July 17. at Mary C. Donahue, widow of James Coyle and mother of Emma C. and Dr. Joseph A. Coyle, Friends received at the Limbacher Funeral Home, 24 Holland Braddock, Funeral Thursday, July 20, with requiem high mass at St, Ariselm's Church. Swieseale, at a. tn. Interment private. (Chicago, 111, and Providence, 11, papers please copy,) RONE-fluddenly, on Monday morning, July 17. 1944, at the St. rdary's Hospital, "L' 'I'''''s h'''" modern Irstbrocon Datiirei. Vsgie Pilau be 2a to 40 of Ntuet be at npp. I 15-ft 4 meta, lel' 28 CITYSOSUR11-1 F09 RENT in driving mot rt iiourlv student 1, wee paid Mi. training Abpiv in Peat NEW 5 brick, laetriOate. CL.M emi thruirgh iv. IMishiirgb to It Mnot i'MliTht 4.I4 Sixth Ave Ca.1 14., 1' Or A iii Machine', Operone, VEIrONA 75 tune, ti S' 11 ore ir ikmont :102 l'n luVIrruereee Street, North Aide. 0 IC ES AND DESK ROOM work, $ee Mrs. S. Pi, Voirori between 9 1 a fie I or. and 5 m. Its! lovith Machinery with teliThone. Seeretari moo ire AT Hamilton Ave Yard Yid, Pbree somfricteoott VA! ESS -Counter (lira -Ti end roomtleld Drug Aron. 4r21' Liberty AVO .1.0, lio S.N) Wei.k. fUrnillned. 30 BUSINESS 'PROPERTIES-FOR RENT Pesteurant. Heirs Island. CU 'ilA-RAi km) i AKAITIfF731--71C171177-Trirr-E-Mirs'117--I11) a or It anis a mit vown. 4,...5 Forbes St. SC 917891i18. HO I tut VAR-iiTrIt yrs COTTACES--FOR-OENT- conotrue, 1 project. 64-hour ---r Needed: Domplorneter Oneratore. )1IntOe ATI-ANTIO -11Ael eltrhs, limMine Operators TNplAtt, nvit lrf. rUtiiiing atm'. $2 day; Immediate IlVing trwilltiee avatiable Must IlotL. nry.tteril,S bring am'Ill security card and Dem)f di Utile, 1 tin citizenship, Company remesentative All apartments swell boayh; liCrtfill interview and emplov at U. I. Eninlov mu, oes 1112 1 (olio mep! IoRf Ligonier a. a -1-rile Pon at this Modern and beautiful 100- while you earn. Aunty Oravo 300 room nn-Gpe hotel Veranda restaurant, Penn East yapt, Neville Island, Or Colonial dining roots nerving approved nearest U. M. E. S. office. Duncan li Mee rood, reasonably priced. i Ligonier afore sporty golf course. ilua urban General liosptal, Smith Jackson awinuning movies. howling and all outdoor flejlevue. blwratMs daily via Latxrobe and 14 a direct Pittsbui I '-'3 to 40, mat715 -Airy Ninre; permanent work; attractive wakes; day. Lig''nkr evening or night work, training with el- ''r pertemed managers until qOMPetent to ac- ClIff' ll'a itomnctime inaatt.os.h,.,,prini;,a,tio merit cept position: opportunity for advsnee Full time pay am you train. ttod8- ale Cliff, Roinest Genova, Ohio. er's fl3d Libeyty Avenue. WiTifr.S'"-firin stO7'i--ioTint, Al Gino-Cleveland Tnti. Modern monis running water! 'also rooms. Pgh 5420 Penn Ave, toot, 7 FEMALE HELP WANTED SPECIAL Crinrs'rka-rr ii Fr -sideliiidli tl77-11iik-e- Btl I to money fast. See snemal raine-IMprinte Wes nwinTming, boating. flailing. Personal Card 50 for SI. Superb "Prize' EY STONE', ila SW Inimmg l'001- 21-car4 SI bog sells On sight. Up In 50e Heaver County's limit Pool. Junction Park. profit. Other popular asiortinento. Samples on app7oval. CHILTON GREETINGd, it 7 Eases. New Relehton pept 221. Poston, Mass. 110TEL 1.11M-nod Pr.rk, Vormil- GPEK1NG for Woman 3 to 5ii days per lion, oilo Ifoepitality intoremo," curl on Rewleigh Route. Tell us ahout IMO Vermillion 28,1 yourself first Rawleigh's, Dept, 15A1TTIr.Lake--Take Washington aLteot ear PNG 433 134. Cheater. Pd. tO Paris Lake. Swinimlni, mews. Place Sun-Telegraph eat Ads At Gardina skoting. Whitaker Drugs 1001 Whitaker Rt. pique grounds. outdoor bowling alleys. Rome 4g 9 SITUATIONS WANTED MALE R- mit Creek- 9rnait col rages, -1 or Ntanager-Coats. sutra, di essel. Ictly imienrnIng. fiehlrlk Fl 270 also children's a ear. in popular priced. tU'rra ViTlow-i-fortacee fibm -July Iti7-571-1: Excellent record for 20 years. Desires Po- pool. formic sition In Pittsburgh Or vicinity, Writ Route 8. 13 miles Etna Twinhro.di 2277, C2.29 SumTelegranh. ss. WANTED TO RENT GENERAL Inspeetor-15 ye ar eute exciv On type ex oerienee on large conetruet ion end equipment Deeireo Position in Pittsburgh, bedrooms. Mr. Mileo. to 5:00. OR Philadelphia, Cartile of ha ng ndli env Ins two. ExtemOon 4Kg! other timee AT 300. sneet ion work. Write X-1182 bun-Tete- RENT your vacant emniell, apartments and grant, room to war workers! Hein tho war and carpenter work. Pall-alre rfort and earn yourself some money. Ask party. Pay or enfltraer. CE 7801. WV Real Estate mart to list your provertY with the Pravo Housing 'Department. The Is SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE Drava Housing Department wants to obtain r-r-(Mi-r-TNION --Assist American in-hfire-i. lierIngs of furnished and unfurnished houeee Free to travel reel-enemy lkhigh IVfro. and apartments. also furniehed rooms il woman--diVres day's ---rK territorten within reasnimble traveling dis EgrTRIENCEO wotanee from Neville Island. Addreas your Mondays, Wednesdays, 14.50 and carfare. oommunications to In as-0 N.I0 Al' 0194. N-119. NeVIEF Wand. Pah 4251. IRONING-- -n -e -T -o i or phone FE exte.nsion 975 Experienced, Write Box. T-189 Sun-Tele- 8t.uae: apariiiitiir: Wratlh adult: best referencen. 1A1 IA10, LAUNPREsS unfurnished a Part tnein-, tare day, 327r tartare half-day. Refer- Oliver: Brentwood; eonventenr. FIV 14 ilrliel rOtr. ca.b,r et trt, 4m treat, in it kl iiro VA niters, lAyeroole, Punchire. Slitotrolen, Ih Apply Verotie Pi nt Vert.pa, 1,4 i 14 Penn A ve or 7oil Elylvh New Kemslogtoo, PA tar flit: Nevin, Istund Nev ille and Weer care slid buses peso I nknee work, GI OUhi Linkil IOW Cali i ullo pe j1Tp in loll we win'ai tireOloutut Utica, Ittdo Ai. N. 8 ex cifend in ha nilling help, with accounting background Furnish fuI details as to experience reference. and siitirv expected. Must have releaeo. Kos -iTe'eiraiin est a hi iened real ealtrts aiency fl town reoutres the services ot en xperinced rental agent toe reeldences an a pa rt mews Ali replies ill be treated xtrittly ihvid bernbillent post ion to right party, Writs Sun-Tela- et atilt PEA SIMFind el tql ri roriIPITMAIT5 helper, machiniets, enaelline hands, boring mill atom laborers unskilled. IC K. Porter Coi, 40th an IN rrition its Law rencevil le transfer to ear gt or 95; also SI a ol on Rua nearby skilled mechanic', helpers. shop laborers, telegraphers. freight handlers, tracitmen, en trip car laborer. express handler'. truck drivers. Apply to Railroad Retire. ment Sneed, Starr Bidc, Third Ave. (les nt 11t. SALESSIENSelling to girt. tattonery. and department moron. COM1311.lion only. Sidelines not objeetionable. Write Box M-272, Sun-Telegraph. SAL.S COnneetion for experienced men with worlds lareeet City Inrectory publishers. Salary and commismion. Excellent earnings. Apply R. L. Polk 31h Sixth AVenue. AfttflT metal nice atlrEelpttri.Xi: ply Dray 300 Penn East Yard. Neville Island, or nearest E. B. of fire STEWARDFor ehartered Club. MariTeT, No children. Must live on premises. Apply to Albert Fischer, secretary. 13 Curtin Ave. HE ligell. TOOLMAKERS. experienced. tor night turn, Essential industry. Korotest klanuracturtrig CO 2ii, Liberty Ave. TURRET lathe, engine lathe and radial drill press operators. 1Ofl. war wor(. B. K. Porter 49th and Harrison St, Lawrenceville, Transfer to car 94 or 83. Also Stanton but nearby. THEPenrisylvania Railroad has openinTre for brakemen. firemen, trackmen, shop laborers, freight handlers. Apply 8 ti. to 4:30 p. Room 200-1013 Penn Ave. WA-NTED at onceMachinists, lathe Operators, furnace helpers. Apply Employment ()Mee. Minnotle Bros. Steel Navy Plant, Mifflin Hayti. or 8 Employment Office. blit Penn Pitts. burgh. WANTEDManis work and good wages. Apply rtqat 1)) Work' or call MO A112, WANTED---Man to work on small press, Apply 1311 Allegheny Ave. N. S. ANTED Porter--White or color-et-1T thou' 6007 Penn Fast Liberty. Start 6 or 8-36 m. till 3 or In. No evenings. 818 week. Apply in person. 320 Liberty Me, Riverview Restaurant. WANTED -Slearn crane operator, one who will do general work. Reatdente of Area 9 should not apply. Write 1k1-276 atm-Talerro oh. WAR workers needed oA- PaciLe conotruction project. Auto Mechanics, Auto Mark Britsh Patrders, Riverview ne st aur int WANTED -Stearn crane operat or. one who will do general work. Residents of Area 9 should mma apply. Write M-276 liun-Tele- cra oh. WAR workers needed ofi- PaciLc -Northwest c. i project. Auto Me- chanics, Auto Oilers, Britsh Painters, MEin ovme mem. ore of my dear granducl. who entered into eternal rent July la. Peaceful he thy dear Granddad it sweet to breathe your name. In life I loved you dearly. In death I do the name Sadly missed by grand-daughter." Nein, stubbms senETNFIRT In loving memory of curt dear mother. Ida May Inert, who died one year ago today. Thou has left us and we mins thes Sadly miss thy mother dear. In vain we listen for her footsteps, Still we're thinking thou art near. Lord give um strength our lose to bear, And guide no in our Heavenly way. Oh, may we meet our Father there. In realms of everlasting day. Sadly mogul by her children. FLORISTS telegram from the War De- 1 partment by 1, soldier's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Jackson, of 101 Kathleen 1- Street, Mt. Washington. Plc. Jackson has been Over. Pfc. Jackson seas for seven months. Navy Lists Casualties The Navy's casualty list today Included: Radioman 2c Robert Charles Chilcott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Partridge Chilcott, 2525 Tole Avenue, wounded. Aviation Radioman 3c Emil Edward Tretyak, 1224 Railroad Street, McKeesport, missing. Electrician's Mate 2c Fred Urban, Johnstown, wounded. Marine Pfc. Vernon R. Hughes, Saltsburg, dead. Hospital Apprentice 1c Donald Wayne Kennedy, Grove City, missing. Machinist's Mate 3c Tilden Leroy Luchs, Ridgway, dead. Lt. tiff) Paul Richard Mc Hail, Export, wounded; Education Cited For Citizenship People must know. more, and care more, to be patriots in a vital sense, Dr. Edgar Dale, Ohio State University. emphasized yesterday at a session on citizenship at Pitt. Addressing elementary school principals of the National Education Association, he declared Ignorance can make World War I- Engineers Name Westinghouse Man W. D. Remker, agricultural engineer for the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company rural electrification department, has been named chairman of the rural electric section of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers by Prof. R. H. Driftmier, of the University of Georgia, president of the ASAE. 51 Pedestrians Killed by Autos of 151 motor vehicle fatalities In the state in May, 51 were pedestrians, according to survey figures announced yesterday. The survey showed 22 rural pedestrian deaths to 11 in May, 1943, and 29 In urban areas against 25 the previous May. Pk tow Divorce Decrees Granted to 8 Here Divorce decrees granted here yesterday Included: Phillips, Verna from William E. Jonea, Arthur W. from Ethel E. Peluso, Genevieve A. from Albert. Roberta. Grace from John H. Emmone, Lorraine E. from Alice F. Eason, Clarence, from Ann. Farrier'. Vera A. from John H. Schwartz, Lottte from Max. Fall Injuries Fatal to Woman Mrs. Mary C. Coyle, 85, of 1235 Trevanion Avenue, Rgent Square, the mother of Dr. J. A. Coyle, died In her home early today from injuries suffered in a fall July 5, the rottener reported. telegram from the War De- pa ment by I soldier's Pare 11 1, 8 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ay Jackson, of 101 er tre Washington. Pfc. Jackson ails been Over- seas for seven as i ally list today obert Charles. vir. and Mrs. Chilcott, 2525 tied. an 3c Emil 1224 Railroad missing. te 2c Fred on R. Hughes, ce 1c Donald Grove City, 3c Tilden vaY. dead. McHall, Cited hip IIV more, and patriots In a a.i Dale, Ohio whasized yes- on citizenship elementary the National he de- II make World ame i se Man en- Elec- ring Company department, airman of the I of the Amer- ricultural En- Driftmier, of Georgia, k.E. kutos licle fatalities lay, 51 were to survey resterday. The rural pedes- in May, 1943, against 25 8 Her granted here VIlliam K. Ethel E. front Albert. ohn H. Alice F. from Ann. John H. Max. )man le, 85, of 1235 Rgent Square, A. Coyle, died iday from in- fall July 5, 1. OTT- it 30 ea ill I Pt incitlJea mvetddt a IA Int Us 114 a iind a 1 buslovs4 to ft ri vaiirMee ibis to draft; evilyrivent terms Iirate1 Northwestern Penna. rite 311.3511. A In )OM rent For FA, NO rouse for Ho NortS PUP I 60 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WANTED fri() "-w ante" Hon. Will pay rash Yrs Ftiri, ti'Jfi Cl MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ick, or sione eloy payments. Write for free Windt Ittiiik. tliiittrn Construction Co HMI! out cid Applicators, Bled, of At-at Matkei St. AT orn furnace Atli Steel S7S. No ddvn a yes rs to Colt111)0110Aith Hot oil 404 Ave it Forty SI CO 7270 tor rtooaor'irif 4, not markets. do iry ot orott. entre and Oitudyear Store Fixture 3811 .4 CIIED fiuddlnir Sirsh. doors, shing.es bock: easy terms. Austin "Mt 4 1, $, N. FA. 2461 Arco, Mod (11.1Y quipped. Information, stools National ttoll sod Foundry Avoninore. Pa. bitrine 413 Foutornent Bennett Is ei-77tFii7d low. pool, Ali In food enMittiOM Nit remionable offer refused, MA 3211. Mr, N.1! bon 'fV14 ff 1. rt I --ogi417 7:7 tree pots-noes. 'Rev terms, He Nu lirik 429 Ahem Mont. or orelt. 2 lKC1RTC i Cam. Heine jigsaw, pingpons tables. metal wheel barrow, lawn mower, roller. CM Brick or Woo eliding! no money down; 3 years to pay. go sodard FrPtiOn 328 AT CY (97.0:-.;41- 14(orrn SKah kttileratrial, immediate delivery Free estimate. 32S LinertyAve ATiti00.7007-3103. oit-f 'To SI 0-I)1 IT.E! so it revere, tyo her chair, circulating healers. good condition. ST 25,1 'WITT) Watrr sizei rluAron teed 145 South ilighlanit Ave. SIM 3905. plain.rock fee ficl Vern Co. M11000, erten terms Re Nu Wilt Co. AT 5905, ConnoteblOoltir otelo.roek Nice Fri Vero CO. 311 IttOd FR.7iirrn..,apo walls. etc, No lirlIl Cn. AT 5305. ldrnbeTTSFiarlt lisrs. Ave tilt 4340. BABY bugtiv---Wieker. nrewaTT rhoo, 1A on 11'4 )(WS reps I nfio Free estimates. Phone AT 5905, 62 HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALE if not VSirSrtictiir ai Netrfoo-ralaFi, Washers. Varlit, vieasere end tiao are Cefltno Before Booing or tietitno. Cheek with Your War Prise aid Ra Molotov Board Price Clerk. nros good con41" ion wanted regardless of size or aloof. High Priors Pail. Vali II I 0108 doxs; eventoge and Sundays, HA 2744, 1.114GINTIX 're wpm tor, In good ronottlion or otherwise; rause. radio, btrtoculorm. carnero, Hoek, aptirt. men) In rent. Dealer. HA 7340 sTe ioio--OiTiiii7e1r5tzes. rga ono. Marion ed 214 Norh Highland, Ave. Open Monday Wednesday and Friday evenings. MANGLE, gilder tattle top room woodier. ref rirerator, Ft iTilasi or, rugs 11111 3u16. 68,57 Forbes tito. LivINcrorgq Suite, 2-pc. emT1 rTi vhode of colors. ireeviiiiitioned. SIS 95, Furnittire Outlet, corner Sth Peon. CIIILDIt EN Furniture-Nursery chairs. hlrh phalli, walkers, alba. etc, Bargains, Furniture corner Sth and Penn. ITPTIPri-oTor-- 1iiirtiOnoy7olizo mate enamel finish. $29 95. Furniture Outlet, on the cornoor of lith Sr Penn, 1tAIER-670 box springs $26 145; occaeoppat chairs 6bolgto 21A Ato riot St. ehair, Reconditioned. Spline (hoe of colore. 319.95, Furniture outlet. rorner nth Penn. 17iffiOld out room and kitchen. All 3 rooms un.t $123.00. trurniture Outlet corner 9th Penn. ANTIQUE Rope Bool. console redo, book case, glitiCale, platform rocker, hallrack, HO 7351. Errnii) coven; and colors Special lit $25,00. Fur. niture Outlet, corner fith Penn, I suite 3-plece frieze. elip covers, upholstered chair; prewar, excellent condition. Colonial 1413. FAST Set 5 pieces: matching china closet, pearl oak: excellent condition. lin 3194. Furnishings 'Flarge floor of good used furniture. All bargain priced. Furniture Mitt corner Oth Penn. WANTEDElectric refrigerators, rangas in any condition. Call 3033. nytime. tc- a chine. hand sweeper, radio, rugs, fan. klit 329a. 1 E.4,..1,,,,i 4," ranges In any condition. Call HA 9033, anytime. fli-TRA7EI-T-filr7iriaiitc-swii-enEe-F-iiiiiTicr ms- band sweeper, radio, rugs, fait. klA 151NING 100111 Suite, 9-plece Blond Oak, rc.r,S. Tavior Bros, 812 IL AT 3720. f'fiCIANCtiqo-- Por buyer 'ir seller. D. Corn. Room 204, 429 4th' Ave. AT 8752. If.iitA,left,t-all?:1,,atintgter-:-m-Por;1-Ces1127ti5, ourff-ligads i2i tGlilTfili. -fir peirra condition. Reasonable. LE 777e. BEI)Room Wil. Tro-a-luigaiTy. 8 pleCeN I $oN a rBs 7.c0Cfck''t il 12 nel $9.75. Taylor Miss. 942 Penn. AT 3790. Suite and lilt chair, Slii8 Taylor Bros. Co. 912 Penn. BABY Strollers. wiekeFENTgb rfgiffiT-eTitis. Thvior Bros Co 942 Penn Ave. DINING walnut. Good condit ion. Pea villa bleIA 1579, 1tAI)10-t8hte P.I., new tilbp-FI, excellent pondiam. EV 0378. new. MI) ll'A 'Mil', 64- ITIGIIEsTMpUricSie Ne Ai, La I It Ni OS 17 Ra Ern. 6,17. a 7 oho TIPP, clarinets. int)sical instruments ot an.21199atrrurtr,sClii;;IyInoAr Kentor, 171-kNO Wanted- Baby grand, siT5FITri entail upright. JIA 47a9, 66 WEARING APPAREL rill111.S Sports Blouses, Cotton in plain or stripes. Short sleeves. Irregulars or. Mail or i.hone orders, Boggs St Buh ment, Brain Monday, Friday and Saturday TO 9. 111 9. CO ATBlacK fox enllsr. size 14 blank genuine Persian lamb collar. else Ili practically new. Dithridge Apt. 805. 1100 ga STERN mink met genuine) like newt owner living nernianentiV eouth; sacrifice. inympla 78.1e. 98 COAL, AND FUEL 46012 ay. CAAI i 602th3etr: residence. CA 11100. ONE WeA Only I I i $5.50 Large Pitts- burgh lump. WO" I Double ecreened. low- nth. Sr. 611R slag. red dng. Wr-der coat ww. flocnez Coal, rail Cli a511). 69 OFFICE AND STORE EQU IPMENT CINDERS. slag. red dog. -07der coat how. Roches Coal Call CH 6510. 69 OFFICE AND STORE EQUIPMENT ences, HI 28m4. NTT il EDUCATIONAL BUREAU ('Amite Ire en IO2 It. MARI-vetch repittrinilhr ostwar-Ter-mr- Bil CITYSUBURB'N HOUSESFOR SALA Weet Penn Horolo gical 'Istituto. Day burgh. Pa. Interviews by appointment only. ground. running wat pts electricity. Gil Or evening ClitsPe5. 4 smithtield puts. BADEN-Aroorn house. almost lo acres chicken coop, barn. Call Baden 4836 a Itetin p. --e-------- 7-1If II r---1 Carpenter'', Electricians, 14 a Duty LEARN weI ld 8. elel CITY-Aerea-10-room brlek, 2 bathe, fur- 4 Mechanics, Heavy Duty Oilers, Proem, Trades, 05 Penn Ave. mice. double garage. down. balance Equipment Erectors (Millwrightsi. Sheet PRACTICAL, nursing. offer-Fr one year 1 monthly WA Metal Workers, Reinforcing Iron Workers, course in maternity and child care. 1ecCORAOPOLIII-1Teights--5-acre Structural Iron Workers, Machinists turee and practical lectUree and practical rooms, "WI parlor, 4 bedroon s. bath, fin- (Erectors). 'Shop). Patrolmen. experience. Small monthly remuneration. ished basement, 2-car garage, chicken Protective Firemen, Truck Drivers, Senior Ages 18 to 35. For full particulars write house. stahle. fruit trees; near Clerks. Immediate living facilities avail- Zone Home. Allison Park. Pa. aide Mitt bring 'graft registration and TYPP-NRITING Clinic Complete course. school, 'For appointment, call Coraopolis 1515 or Sewick eyLI 720. claseilication, social Recurity card and beginner'', i5: brush-up 'worm $5 mu. ents-Good nvestment proof of citizenship. Apply 0, IL Employ- 223 Fourth Ave. CO 5656. CORAOPOLIS Rel I at erd by iv wina: nr 2er; ior in etRittfed. eacilriSa12 ii 5 munt Service 526 Penn Ave. WANTED Men anti women, tibviTgli. 13 WELD School Trainees-Apply Draw, handicapped or those will, delicate health; ear garage: 8 acres: fruit: beautifully 300 Penn Yard, Neville possibility of free training. R-284, sun- la id i I near di 1 il ca 3811. Island. or nearest U. S. E. office. Telecrs oh. FOX Chapel-7-room house, 5 MALE A FEMALE HELP WANTED and women over 30 for tile bath I powder wont, 2car ga- evening classes, depression proof business' here. biT 0199. and vinmem have for Trnst-war security. 8-24 Sun-Teleera oh. LIN'COLN Plare-Inseli-iric home, 5 rann.4, you three hours spare time tially-9 a. m. to 12 noon or I to 4 p. Could you use ig BUSINESS SERVICE bath. iniparlor, Integral garage. All con- veniences: 1 block from school, churches. an extra per day for three hours work? A-1 WALLWASHING: window. paper On McKeesport carline: St 200. 110 4112, Full time work also avanable: age no rienntng: prompt, reliable service; Miami- MILLVALE, 26 Spring St. Frame, 5- handicap. Apply at the J. It, Watkins teed work. HA 3034. 5980 Center Ave. tOon18, bath: large lot, 2-Earligm Rea ALL, teeth repaired. 2-775727 1)--F--WIIT seeable. MI 24924. A JOB with a postwar future for Men, sten. 335 Fifth. State Theater Bldg. VENN Township-Cottage. 6-room, haat-. women, boys. girls. Federal Enameling AppLIANcEs repaired. Quick service. water. gas, electric, 2 acres. ReasOnable. Stamping Thompson McKees Washers, sweepers; Irons, bicycles, sewing Gernert. Sycamore 7735 Rocks. or U. S. Employment Office, b26 maches. inO 2120. Penn Ave. MIERADEN-6-roorn bath. hot air BUILDING, repairing, carpentering, con- furnace, porches. Owner occupied. WA COUPLE-S200 'month. Private apartment. This is ideal for a couple who will enjoy ereting, inselbrie, porches: contract any- 1917. where; 60 monthly LI 379S. WEST 7 rooms, garage: working in pleasant country c.ARPeNTRr. cement worg, all kinds re- rental Incorne $70 Month. Investigate tins, under ideal working conditions. Apply or airs. 20 'earst experience. Call CA 2598. FA 2132 write immediately. Kittanning 2095-L, Sun-Telegraph. CA I. cleaned on floors at borne, re. IVEW11-Vme: 2 corner lofirifOli 6 liable colored woman. HI 8168 evenings. 3u; on car fin $6.7 convenient; 00 EXPERIENCED Cook for ho WE per week: good SalarY. Phone New Ken- CEMENT Work-Sidewalks. steps, wails, 2155-J, sington 4721. driveways, patios. porches; beautiful white WILKINSBURG 7-room brick. 11-room work. Marsico. LE 1914. frame bath, furnace, laundry, yard each. NEGLEY disti-T-Aparttnent with private aprvivpa I-it Aliii; COLORCRETE old brick. PE 4781. Metal Workers, Reinforcing Iron Workers, Structural Iron 1Aorkers, Machinists (Ere(tors). Machiniste (Shop), Patrolmen. Protective Firemen, Truck Drivers, Senior Clerks. Immediate living facilities avail Mitt bring iiraft registration and C11151PilleatiMI, social neeurity card and proof of citizenship. Apply 0, S. Employmiht Service 52ii Penn Ave. WELD School TraineesAPPIY 1511'70 300 Penn Ave.East Yard, Neville Island. or nearest U. S. E. S. office. 5 MALE FEMALE HELP WANTED and women. Have you three hours Hoare time tiaily-9 a. m. to 12 noon Or 1 to 4 p. Could you use an extra 65 per day foe three hours work? Full time work elso available; age no handicap. Apply at the J. R. Watkiim 5980 Center Ave. A JOB with a postwar future for Men, women, boys. girls. Federal Enameling Stamping Thompson McKee Rocks, or U. S. Employment Office, 626 Penn Ave. COUPLEX200 month. Private apartment This is ideal for a couple who will enjoy working in pleasant country surroundings under ideal working conditions. Apply or write iinmedlately. Kittanning 2095-L, Sun-Telegraph. EXPERIENCED Cook for hotel 6 days per week: good Salary, Phone ew Kensington 4721. 1NEGLEY disit-T-Apartment with private to for services. HE 9290. encs, III NM. i--- --ssaar slave I a At BUILDING. repairing, carpentering, concreting, inselbrie, porches; contract any0 monthly payments. LI 37. cement work, 'all kiniirriTt! airs. 30 'ears' experience. Call CA 2598. CA 8 cleaned on floors at borne: re1 liable colored woman. HI 8168 evenings. CEMENT Work-Sidewalks. steps, walls, driveways, patios. porches; beautiful white work. Idarsico. LE 1914. COLORCRETE old brick, blocW-iliTaii. I211 APARTWISBITY li SUBURBAN 14,101 rreroi. I og, Wel LI WTI is 1 1 frItr1V lc 1, 1 --1 111, pi ate 01 qi'l 40 EAST END HOUSESFOR SALE COZY modern home. Oakland. InsulifeT Double lot. garage. $4,00. MA 2110. FOR Colored Haverhill St. rooms, 2 baths. $5 Moe; Mohler rooms, taxes only $50, Rosetta floosies, 6-5 rooms, $3,900. Mr. Larson, MO 0313--remidence, 111 7875. IDLEWILD St. 7160 litock-9 rooms, double garage; $5,600: Race Block; 9 room, $5,500: priced for Quirk sale Mr. Larson, MO 9343residence, 111 775. LIMIRENCEVILLE. 039 Pennr---11t7Filiiii, arranged 3 families: storeroom; Belling Lc-count illnees; $3.400. St. Bodes School mst. Briek, ronms and bath, with finished 3ril floor Modernized in very altrective way-2-car enrage. Poesession Sept. 1st. A very KOMI value for $11,000. Caii Mr. Bush. Huge MO 4700. SPADISIDEModern duplex; Inlaid lino. leum: corner property; convenient location. Owner. MA 0583. 41 NORTH SIDE HOUSESFOR SALE CiaSTNUT briek, 7 ro0M3, bath arroned for 2 families, Bargain, 2321 Atmore frame, 3 rooms, garage. Barealn. Kurcina, AT 8056. 75h-ilia-NS' Court Sale of RearEstate. Sale to be held on July 26. 1914, at 10:00 a. in. In the Orphans Court of Alleghene County. $tli floor, City-County 3-story and basement brick apartment budding containing eix apammente, athlete 707,709 Chestnut Street, 23rd Ward, Pitts. burgh, Pa. Lot 47x82. There le now pending before the Orphans' Court an offer covering the above real extate In rile amount of pavetes 82.500,oll rash and the tfalanee ni. to be secured by a purchase money mortgage for a term of 3 years, with monthly amortization payments. Anyone Interested in, a better offer should appear In the Orphans' Court on floe duo and time specified. The right is reserved to relect any and all offers. PEOPLES-PITTSBURGH TRCSIT COMPANY, PERICYT4VKLE Ave. districtDuplex, 5 rooms, bath earh. hardwood floors, hot water birolee: $111.500, FA 2133. PERRYSVILLE near Emit. 14500-- 4 rooms, attic. bath, hot water heat; immeditae poeseeelow $1000 Nigh. CO 64116. PERRYSVILLE Ave. aeetion-6-room brick and shingle: $5.000. FA 2133. VOSEAMP 1153 13 rooms, bath. laundrY: income $65 month; sacrifice $4,510. EA 7278. WATSON Blvel.Briek. 6 rooms, tittle. hot water bent: garage: $6,800. J. C. Nock, FA 7040. 12 SOUTH HILLS HOUSESSALE BALDWIN Townehip, Pleiteani Hills Corner Streets Run arid Clairton Rd. 8- room frame. Lot about one aere, Garage. Hot-air heat. Excellent condition. About 15 minutes to Pittsburgh. MI advantnees, Reesoneble to eloge estate. Write Howard Werner. or inspect at any time. BEFICIIVIEW---6 Mins, finished 31-Firafe porch. yard: newly decorated. LE 4395. CAPE Cod, 37.900- ITeautiful 3-yelJrnId Cape Cod. spacious roma gas heat. garage under porch, overlooking golf couree, game room space In bagement, Block to bus.stdr. Beeteom. LE VOA BROOKLINE. 36.450-6-room dwelling, ore-bath: good condition: nice yard. Lie 3600. CARRICKEive rooms. bath, Brixite exterior: new furneee: 94,900. CA 44134-1, MISSION HillsHere is a cherming English 6-room house bleated in one of Mt. 'Lebanon's Anent districts end situated on a large lot which hae been artlettrallY lendscaped with shade and fruit treeg: rock garden; flowers Fled's( fish pond. Ire really a beauty, STEVENSON, WILLIAMS. LE 6000. 44 LOTS FOR SALE BAR-MIX Blvd. ComTli Fled side market site; Utilities, transportation; terms. EM 1414. of 50x150, in very good locatien. Seertflee, $350. HI 9215. 46. FARMS ACREAGEFOR SALE100-ACRE dairy farm. with alts well. elec. tririty, brook and well water; bank barn, 4510,0 with silo: 8-room houget limestone On farm: 12 regletered Holstein rattle of Rag Apple-Ormsby attain: 6 grade cattle. Allis Chalmers tractor, almost new, and good eouipment for running the farm: crops (whirh are good) complete. for 115.000. Reesonable terms can be arranged. Mary E. Harlan (owner). R. D. 1, Fmlenton. Pa. HAMPTON, Breeze Hill Fermi. fronting Hardies Road. Wilt sub-divide. Gibsonia 3.141-21. acres on Route 422; modern 8 rooms, bath, furnace- Porters-vine 327, 48 BUSINESS PROPERTY FOR SALE NIT-At-ON. PA.Restaurant anerliaT, buitineem and building; good income: fully equipped; beer and 'Prior liceniuw: good location. BIM' Box E-260, Sum-Telegraph. RETAIL corner location, Chatlepton, W. 21,000 Bret floor. 21,0100 baitement 11.000 second floor. O. Campbell, 610 Peoples 8IIIIdtnC. Charlvaton. W. Va. LANDS FOR SALE OWNER of coal stripping equipment -Ts looking for additional coal land. Give location. name of seam, height of coal, amount and kind of overburden and distance to railroad. Communicate Boa M-271 Sun-Tete graph. 54 REAL ESTATESALE OR RENT ITITC1715.NTUtel Arnold, PasVery good business Must sell becauee of lii health. Reaeoneble. Phone New Kensincton 53 REAL ESTATE WANTED HAVE ilrfrO0fiETInl house tn Give Parlivitiars, 1,260 eoe-Teleerenh, Writ, Dit-y Nub for 5 or 8.room homes in Test End or Bquirrei Hilt dAttitt. 1.1-382 bitan-Telegrapb. I2A APA I -4 tql not ilwit LI it'll or I r-4- too ors. et ot bermes. J. LgitZ. Colantigt 23 VAL dm trig rtnny II Wviltern eaddie. r1r. l'tINfrk q. r4rt4 144rno 474 l'srs. iAM if 9hV ot Isrool ed EV 86 AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 1441 BUICK 14peetall Soden, ys re lsri co baron It 47,6, 5 poss. Wiltet011 01," rowo vtorni sit) m400 c't I rill- IredIiii-r-Vii; I terms: hewer, urn-over trmstut It rd ton. i throughout Chars Chevroisi. '443 Sin A itonow rot Posers Used Care, Nesisy-Ilatou 31 ntO 011 VI es so itTili-rinrii-dar coons prt. EM 02'34, 11411- eIirvider NeTv-IrdITs -471'orrtr-Varna: Chrveler Co Helim, 141 I -RoyLI -44 ed Aliut ou crtevrrnst rorrtor smwir. My pm). Wi Irds, veyv PM 9'224 geds Chrvoter Ih Co Baarn. HI drive Poeros Used Cara, Nesisy Baum. NI MOO. FINANCING Fur huyer. or tom ler. P. D. 4,14 4 Pf)v, erg I'sed ENI IN; FOIII) 2 door Chrysler 625 Pawn 3703 114 Ph. 5tI21, lisum Fovil. 14 kle.hirtrThrysler 370, T41.trii Clieci74 NR) 8 um F011iT Wineton Chevirfit 5,00 Fhien MO At00. Pell. Co 5025 Ylsom, 111 305. iTir-ft ti W1n1II PaLtm Ntt) 1941 PLY51011T11, Srit an. Chryte ler Pen Co be25 palm, HI 3705. iuTMfYTkfl in eh.741 rfoet. 5gon Baum MO 9400 Ter' -Fiarft6r1. HA 7291 FO491.0 PO Co M125 Bum In 37os. I Ni---bffrf elon Chevrolet, 5ekiltaum. MO k4on, -BETr-niiiti cr7i-i-otTraia attack Blvd. I'VE 1115. el TRUCKS, TRACTORS FOR $ALE FORD truck body and hoist. FS A631. eftr W-A-NTRft--15ump truck or stake body, 1,18 tod noal coalition Ambridge 1343-R. "'tee 110n4rieeraph PVent Ada An es AUTOMOBILES WANTED Ali-67776h in 5 minutes. 'Highest FiTe's Paid 19301 to 1941, Wo svtll cell or bring your c.ar to One of the oldest dealers in town. Motor Be, 109 Penn AVilkinetetra, PE 70110. Open vem, filtriiTi17.17.4 mac of ear. be elt.1111. Rtate tolleege and Mots Call )'E 2447. Our Meth will tell on you It once. DI Bella Auto Bales, McKees Rocks. HERMAN says ran IcAl 93201 Drr111Mf paid for cars. Cash. 44 years bovine to Ptitnbureh Talk to buyer Phone Em He, man oaKe reel'. 5924 Bauto. CASH for late model (pilot service; no wttIng wift eolt at your home. Boilliivaro Motor 4951 Baum. SChenley 6910, Or maba an! toodel. from '34 to '41. 2100 West Liberty Bouth Thus. 1,1 4900. Open eve- niers. ail to '41 Plymouth for, his own personal use. Mt.) 0024 or 111 2127. Will pity ehevrolet or Plymouth Mr. White, tat Unenin Bellevue. LI (1353. eet little auto buyer. 4712 Baum Blvd. 9044 CASH for all megeg rertF710RfIrg11AT WICK 100 W. ettocitton N. S. VA 7800. WII.Wrr13-31, 3. '39 ro-ri, 197E5 Chevrolet sedan or Coupe. HI 2727 or MU 902t. Mr. Jones. EhL your ear to rInkorton Motor Pittsburgh's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer, 1943 Brtghton N. S. eves, FA 1105. for goTrtilliFiairt Plymouth, Pontiac or Buick; muss be In good condttton. MO WANTEDCars arut truelti, any condi. Um Manchester Auto Wreckers, SI( ShOiS Ave. FA 5677. Cars.tnieli-s; any conditfon: best pricei. Eighth Ave. Auto HE 1'275 are to get more cash tor good used' cars. We buy '3ti to '42 cars. J. Oregg. your ear co um. OiTie-rs eannot past IlIw.i Irwin. Pl. Irwin 9119. more. White Auto Salem, 401 1.111cOln Joie, ridelern.vraAili leo, W.TRIT'Erflard Itil-Frgli I Park cwhzriorieetar.oulAiminct ens Anio-f1. Baton Blvd A 2409 Plymouth for hi personal use. MO 9624 or HI 2727.1 own 8 '39 Word, Plyrrrn ut-h-, or 'coupe. 111 2727 or MO '3 904 WANTED-75 iised earc any ---mrtk, r. ones. pay highes es pric Sable Motor. 72 Robert WE Fuy arid See us1T-Sr-or St. Al 47lid; eveningx III Ibletl. care trucks last. DONALDSON MOTOR 110344 Weliterr Ave N. N. (P, 3604. TOP Prices tnr Cars Now-TEK- In Aug MG 91'124 or III 12t, ney, Inc, Center and Begley. MO 4727. WANY0)--v71h7r, 'OATolFor 'YouriTiCr Ail AC." ou r-oftuun buyers pays wham cash for MO tor 5315 Baum Blvd, 8500, ram Walker, LE S.300-LE 13ce. IttiYlNG late model cars for cash. Via-. ard.lierk. 4709 Baum. MA MOO. late model cars. Boulea- CAAII for ra Motors, 4651 Flamm so 69 1 TO 1942 used cars, 1756 win rill cut trit -ETmiff-- rash prices for wrecked cars. FA 1198, vs -----r. liktlirt liSi, -i-i -Wi-i -Unotii in rar iiri Co Mt Lebanon 1,0 101. co eue. rt 0. Motor ri WatA Used cm 1N14 izm ry ocN8 iM's. ben!) NUM Blvd. ENV. 0390. rIA ial celi-TrWIT-Fiii7177-it T-Nw Vail ears. FM 01 on. 19(1 AUTO TIRES 1RaDE Ill Tue.All mt zeal. Englerre 402d Liberty. MA. 93 ALPO SERVICE AND REPAIRS. received In a 1 athlee- Connonths. at grand-wounded. Of Charles T. Crone, of 240 W. 4th Ems annum. Pa beloved husband of Melts Waddell Crone, father of Pvt. Edward G. Crone, of the Penna. State Police of Em- poraTm. Lt. Robert L. of Ft. Le 'enworth, and Mrs. Charles Smith, of Emporium. Services at the late hcetcekWeadniidesdaar etvheertinknbilnugn 8 ra1 Chapel. Saltsburg. Thureday, July 20. at 3 rn. Friend. invited. Interment In Conemaugh Cemetery. BRAISIK-On Saturday, July 15. Mary. wife of Joseph Drabik and mother of Mary Moglack, Anna and Elizabeth Moore: also 6 grandchildren, Friende received at her her late residence, 1600 Knapp N. S. Requiem high mass at St. John the Baptist Church, California N. Wedneeday at 9 a. m. of FAIRGItligvee-on Tuesday, July 18. 19 44, at he a. Agnes Niblock. wife he late Robert E. leairgrieve; mother of William F. lairgrieve, Cleveland, Ohio; 1,11,1., Jayne F. leitbaot Youngstown, Muller. Funeral services at her late dence, 310 8. Linden Ave. Time to be annghouse nounced later. IELDHOUSE On Monday, July 17, 1944. Clyde husband of Agnes Joyce Fleldhouse, nephew of F. Orate Sloane. of Ilti Bull Run West Mifflin Friends received at the Allebrand Funeral Home, corner Commonwealth Richford Du uesne Pa where services will be held Thqursdai afternoon at I o'clock. HIE terment Allegheny County Memorial Ceme- tery. FREW-On Sunday morning, July is. 1944, James Graham, aged 54 years, beloved husband of Mary Taylor Frew and fatrter ot James G. Frew, 605 Calilans fornia Avalon. Friends received at McDonald's Funeral Home, a29 California Avaion where services will be held on eVedineeday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Members of Iron City Lodge No. 182, I. O. F. Avalon Volunteer lire Company and blends invited. tiAGLIARDING-On Saturday, July 15, 1944. Filomena, wife of the ate Frank Gagliardino. Mother of Joseph; sister of Alderman James Lnyuola, Joseph, Felix and Mrs, Joaeph Teresa. Friends received at the Raymond J. Brume Funeral Home, 2007 5th Ave. Solemn requiem high mese at St. Peter's Church on Wednesday at 10 a. 1111411'1T-0n July 16, 1944, of 602 Delmont Herbert, husband of Maude Hustwit; father of Mrs. Florence B. Cowan. Mrs. Irene Fisher. Mra. Anna Hamilton, Fred and Jack Hustwit. Preemie received at the Beinhauer Mortuary. 2630 W. Liberty where services will be held Wednesday evening at 8:30 o'clock. Interment private, HUT( HINSON-On Tuenday, July 18, 1944, at the Methodist Hospital and Home for the Aged, Cynthia Ann Hutchison, meter of the late Dr. Bennett W. Hutch-I lama. Funeral services at H. Samson's, 537 Neville Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Interment in Mt. Pleasant Cemefrom eery, Mt. Pleasant, Thursday morning at 10:30 o'clock. JENTRY-On Saturday morning. July 15, 1444, James M. Jentry. Friends received at 5815 Harvard St. Funeral services will be held Thursday, July 20, at 1 p. from the Chapel of the Ross Funeral Home, 5710 Broad St, Interment Homewood Cemetery. KELLY-On Monday, July 17th, at 11:40 p. Catherine V. Kelly, sister of Mrs. Margaret McLaughlin and James J. Kelly. Friends received at the Parlors of Wm. Slater Sons, Virginia Ave. and Kearsurge Mt. Washington, until 8:15 a. Friday, July 21st. Requiem high mass at St. Justin's Church at 9 a. na RING-On Monday, July 17, Margaret Kelly, wife of Henry C. Ring; Mother of John Hurley and sister of Mrs. Mary McGuckin, Mrs. Susanne Glancy, Eliza- '1 I I i i FLOWERS and Floral Decorations. Lubin Smalley, Florists. 125 5th Ave. OR 22o0. Florist." 3719 Forbes St. MA-SC 1300. I. PERSONALS WANTED games. 10-17-year boys. Mr. McKnight, S. Paul's Orphan Asylum. WA 2550. ALERT.Mother very sick. Am at Hotel Henry. Details attended to. Please call or come.Aunt Wo very ill. Came at I LOST AND FOUND BAR pin. platinum. 2 sapphires. diamond'. East Liberty, Thursday. Reward. Sating-date 627-J. Boy 's blue and red bicycze Balevue Bank Saturday, July 15; reward. JU COCKER spaniel, all black. 1 months. vicinity Craig and Center: suffering frifim distemper: child's pet. Reward. SC. 9898. FOUN-DTwo keys on ring, -Z77-mer Triple, Busman N. Friday. 1520 East St. LOSTOriental Pearl tram nag morning. Harmony boo front Glenshaw 'tits, Liberty Ave, to Jenkins Arcade and Horne's, Diamond Street to Kautznannic Liberal reward. Call CO 1773. LOSZRation Book strfillitara Thompson, Mount Oakmont 893-W. LOSTRation Book No. 4. Laura glina, Peter Runa, R. D. Bridgeville. gag bouk- Prank S. Spicacd, 515 McDonald St. POCKETBOOK Checks, money. between Pen. and Elizabeth. Please return ftaa ration books, draft card. etc. MO 8050. PURSEDark blue, containing identification, money; either Grant's. East Liberty. og 8R street car; money desperately needed. Reward. PE 6044, PURSENew brown alligator; Horne's Pattern Department, Saturday afternoon; reward. Carnegie 501, RATION book No. 4Lost Frank A De Elm 2607 Woodstock Ave Swissvale. RATION book No. 4. Donald Francis Dobler. 637 California Avalon. BrownImmigration papers, money, Jose Zazala. receipts, downtown vicinity, lost. Brandywine 3829. WALLET containing driver's C. D. D. collections, $i47; diamond ring. driver's license, registration cards, lost vicinity of Union Trust Wm. Penn Way Liberty Ave: reward. John lawiderskh CO 1530. CO 1525, MALE HELP WANTED The War Manpower Commission has ruled that all males in this area may be hired solely upon referral of the United States Bmployment Service or designated agencies. AUTO MechanicExperienced: steady work, essential Industry. See Mr. Upper-man, Yellow Cab. 2 Ross St. CO 2900. AUTO Truck Mechanics, also Mechanic's Helpers. Brentwood Motor Coach 3121 Sow Mill Run Blvd. BARTENDERExperienced; central location: good trade. Apply immediately, 1846. BODY and fender man. Good wages, bonus. vacation with pay. Call Harry Davis. MA 8844. Steel City Motor, 3131 Forbes St. BOOKKEEPER Accountant Must have full knowledge of bookkeeping and take full charge of office. Must be thorough and efficient and able to handle personnel. 'Opportunity for right party with fastest growing business in the country, Unexcelled pordwar possibilities. Give full particulars and references. Box 11-238, Sun-Telegraph. BOYSDusky. IT years old. weighing 12O pounds or more, height 5 ft. 6 inches, to work in factory making candy bars for our servicemen. Apply 9 to 11 a. m. or 1 to 4 tn. The D. L. Clark 503 Martindale 8,., North Side. BOYS over It for work in stock room. NAPA Pgh. Warehouse. 5020 Penn Ave. BUTCHERS Experienced meat cutters. 5-day week. goad salary, uniforms furnished, free impince. low-cost hospital Insurance, vacations with pay. Apply 9 to 3 doily. except Saturday, A. P. Tea Co-Dallas Avenue and Lynn Way, or call persormet denartment, MO 4900, CHIPPERS. core makers a-FurrticTd-ers: experienced and inexperienced. only Employment Office. Union Steel Castings. Division of Blew-Knox 62nd Butler Streets. Lawrenceville coLontD man with care to take over-es- tablished Watkins Route: 300 sell by appointment only: full or Port-time; $2 per hour up: no bond or birth certiflcats required: pay starts at once. Apply A38 Herron Ave. DRAW) needs machinists and machine shop floor sheet metal mechanics and helpers. Mao weld school trainees. Apply Drava Bldg. 300 Penn Ave.East Yard, Neville Island, or nearest U. S. E. S. office, DRUGGISTTo manage chain drug store. Exceptional preposition. Thrift Ray Drug 2 3 West Park Way. N. S. EX-PRRIENCED Fitters and Lavemuts for part-time work in structural shop. Minnate Bros. Steel Co. Structural shoo. Riverton Hays, Pah Pa. FOUNDRY workers. Lewis Foundry Machine Co Division of Blaw-Knox Groveton, Route 51. FE 3311. FURNACE Chanters and Unskilled Workers for foundry work: no experience mowed. Apply Lewis Foundry Machine Co. Diviaion of Blow-Knox Groveton. near Coraopolis on Route 51, PE 131 GRINDERS, Chippers, Painters, Track Men, Laborers, Bricklayer Helpers, Iron Workers, Electric Welders; steady work; room and board available: live near your work and save; bring referral from U. S. E. S. Crucible Steel Company of America, Mfritand, Penna. FIELP win the Battle of Food! Verricieded for food factory work. Dining room with cafeteria service available. Handy to street cars. Apply H. J. Heinz Employment Office 1062 Progress North Side. HELP wanted, maleMen aged 40 to 50 for stationery store room. Downtown Pittsburgh location. Light, pleasant work, Permanent positions. L-277, Sun-Telegraph. HIGH priority company needs 2 proms brake operators. Able to let up Own machine, Permanent positions. Postwar employment assured. Liberal rate, Overtime pay. Insuranee and hospitalization, Convenient location. Apply The Schnabel South lOth and Muriel Sta. HUMANE Officer experienced withhorses and dogs. Address 2I0 W. Ohio St Pittsburgh 12, Pc. for notification blank. Personal intervieWit limited to those whose milicationo have been approved. LABO-IIRRS and ex-service tilt work; steady day turn; opportunity to learn trade South Hilie Ornamental Iron Wire Works 2125 West Liberty Avenue. LABORERSkilled. Dey or night turn. Esaential industry. Kerotest Manufacturing 2625 Liberty Ave. LAYOUT men for steel fabrication antic Press beeke operators, experienced. Anrly The Sehnebet South 10th Muriel Scdith Sole. and machine chop loot. fitters Apply Mayo PO Penn Ave. East Yard, Neville Island, or rtrarCSt U. S. nffice, CfPriZri iTh i rn nonortun It for promnnon, Good Steady poetwar Perfeet ton Undrtec I2A Lexington E. E. to help take rare of rooming ivnine. Box 82,48 BunTalegrapn. i couple FEMALE HELP WANTED The War Manpower C011sinta8011 nee ruled that oil women In thie area now employed in essential activity may be hired only by other essential employers and mast Mae a Statement of Availability. ACCOUNTS receivable bookkeeper. Typing elinentini, Write, stating age, experience anti salary expected. Write 1,207 Sun-Telegraph, ACCOUS pay-able cleirExperienetTri girl. age 25 to 30. Apply 3, Heine 1002 Progress North Side. BAKERY SalesladiesEvening work until p. rp. Good wages. Steady work. Rhea's Bakery. 411 Market St. BEAUTY operatorPermanent position, salary plum commission. Penn Beauty Salon. second floor, Roosevelt Hotel. BINDER-IFgirls Experienced. Biir Weis, 244 Blvd, of Allies. CAFETERIA WorkWomen over 21; hours 4 to 12 p. uniforms furnished; free meals while on duty; finest industrial cafeteria in the district. Apply Dravo 300 Penn Ave or Ease Yard, Neville Island. CASHIERSGlrle wrid at once. Lighf clean work. Free insurance. Uniforms furnished, Vacations with pay. 5-day week. Salary 621 per week While training. Apply daily to the Mantiger, A. P. Super Market, 3340 Forbee Street, Oakland. CLEANING women (2), white, for institution. Salary and maintenance. Glen-show 259. CLERKWith PBX experience for admitting office located in Kahl End. Call CH 0070 between 9-5. Phone Grant 650, Ext. 2))3. coLoItEr) Girls Women; good jobs openl now in our modernly equipped finishing department; pleasant work; good hoursgood pay. Apply any week day. North Laundry Winifred and Success, near Oliver High, N. S. COMPTOMETER operators, steady vat for those who prove to be efficient. Homewood district. Write A Tea C0111- pony. P. O. Box 4600, Feb tfil, or call MO 4000, 10 m. to 3 p. daily, txepnt saturdny. EXPERT typistFor billing mricritnirTto experience necessary. Write L-273, Sun-Telegraph. 1FACTORY womenStrong7 white. age 19 to 40. to make candy bars for our service men; no experience neceseary: Iliberal wages. Apply 9 to II a. to. or 'I to 4 p. m. The r). L. Clark 503 Mertindale Street, North Side. GENERAL cleaning girl, white for smiT.11 sanatorium in city. Live In. HA 8477. wanted at once for grocery, and meat departments, Light. clean work. Free insurance. Uniforms furnished. Vacations with pay. 5-day week. Minimum starting salary $20 per week. Apply or write Personnel Department. A. P. TPTI. Dallas Lynn Way. 00, white, 18-30, fur general 'housework: 2 adults. Modern home. Every evening and 2 afternoons off. FE 0129 or Rocks Furniture 420 Chanters MrKees Rocks. Pa. or colored: experience um 1 necessary. Take Brighton Road Car. Brighton Laundry Hodgkin Stayton N. S. raitt.7Wfilti7Tofer1T; expeenedTtiO laundry: 3 In family; stay nights; $20. JA 4345. button coveringTWy Porker's, 212 Oliver Room 307. GIRL or woman TrTr genetirliTouseTiolf; rod home. FE 5751. GIRLGeneral houseworki-Stgle wegigrilTo laundry; nice home. JA 1373. GIRL or woman TOr general housework; stay: good home. FE 5751. HELP win the Battle of oTrrx Z-rle and women meded for food factory work. Dining room with eafeteria serviee available. Handy to street care. Amite J. Heinz Office. 1002 Prog- ress North Side. INEXPERIENCED or experienced power sewing machine operators. Apply 1212 Forks St, talloRAToRY ammistant (2) high school ellemistry or detenae course will (Vieille. C. G. HutuleY Second Menlie. WiT(511 tTorkeii- (51TirTatorThrTirTr Motor Coach system. Women are needed for Hite essential employment. A should be 25 to 35 Years of age. Milet be at least 541. 4-inches tall and experienced in driving motor veNclea. Hourly student rate paid while training, In person Monday through Fridey. Downtown. Pittsburgh. Pi. rt iwomen. strong. white. age 19 to 40. Liberal wages. held), 9 to 11 a. m. or Ito 4 p. tn. The L. L. Clark 503 Martindale St, North Side. NIGHT cleaning woman and kitchen help. $22 week. Angelo's Restaurant. 941 Lib. erty Ave. OFFICE and credit manegersThe Firestone Tire Rubber Co. will serest a Poll cations for proepective offiee and credit managers to work in retail 'norm Sueceaa Put will be given a thorough training. May be neceseary to leave Pittsburgh. Write. Mating age, education, ex, Porienee and nhone Do riot call. W. E. Ctristman. 5a33 Ram Blvd. PIANISTS. Accordionists; trio: band apply immediately. 500 Federal St. CE late. RAILROADS need women to help in the war Wort. Openings in many Apply to U. S. Railroad Retirement Board, Steer Third Ave. Grant St, SALESLAMESOver 21. for drug full time work; salary while leaning. Sun Drug 317 tioliquet Street. Oakland to 4 p. or 54,5 Market Street, Downtown, 9 In to 12 noon. Fla OTiTd typing. some keeping; excellent eatery I exceptional position: pleasant working conditiorot, 5 deys week: air eonditioned orrice: Downtown locatiOn; S004 postwar future. Call Court 5000. concrete and other masonry. Has porttand cement base in 30 colors. Free -booklet. Frinklin'a Colorcrete 3654 Allison ashiaton, Penna. Phone 12i114. -fffet5R-Fi'VE constructirches. walks, wails. etc. Re No Prik Co. AT 5965. 1 riKLICIOUS food, wines. donors, Gil-1 n-ti I Hill Tavern. 516 Grant St. GR 1211. DETECTIVE is. Q. Morse. Investicatione, secret. confidential. Write Post Office Box 464. Pittsburgh. Pa. fiRrizEwA Sidewalks, wails. porchee, steps, tile work: contract anywhere. "Varchetto." PR (1745. HOME Repaira-Minor repairs. Windows, 83. Torches. furnace, etc. Quick itervice, 67 INSELIIRIC-(Send for free booklirtio-Pree estimates. easy terms. Re Nu Brik 429 Liberty. AT 5965. Phone day or night. METAL screens for steel WindOWS in stock. Weatherstripping, new sash. caulking; storm 'windows. Mauro, CH 8750. MOVING Victor individual, reasonable, experienced movers. Insured. EM 0804; evenings MG 7369. MOVING-Loval, long distance; fireproof warehouses, Hoeveler Warehouse Co. Cali MA 6000. IsIOVING-Local, long distance: storage Haslev Broc FA co41. MOVING-Local. long distance; storage. Ed Werner, CA 4425. Nor reliable painters; also plastering. Eaiimates, Pal 8894. OLD Roots renewed with "SEAL TIGHT" liquid (plastic) roof cement. No tar. Free circular on request. We apply it for you. All work guaranteed. ROOFING 108 DeSoto. SC 4223. PAINTING (interior), door firdifiltig guaranteed; reasonable prices. HI 5058. 222 Carver. PAINTING, decorating, interior, reasonable. Call Bill, 6-7 p. in. MO 0110. PLASTERING, collect, new, repair work, textured walls, ceilings, arches. Rourke. CA 3795. PAPERHANGING, sooting, somas; material included: first-class work guaranteed. HA 8656. ROOFS-All kin(Is, new and repaired, fur. naces repaired, installed. Rieke. IA) 0324.: ROOFS repaired, replaced; easy terms. Free estimates. Phone AT 5965. FoG Cleaning Special-kor price, quality work and service on rugs, furniture and drapes call Roth Cleaneri, MO 9944-45-46. SILK Lamp Shades mane over. Bring frames; reasonable prices. HI 7531. SKIN Specialist-F. Gehrs, M. 402 Nixon Theater Bldg. AT 1104. SLIP Covera cut to at any chair or sofa, 51.95, CH 3225. vroolN (7i-6)17-and removed, 1401 Brighton Place, N. S. CE 9642, TILE, )diarble, Carrara New repair work; estimat PP reationable rtaYmond Volpatt. EV 6089. UPHOLSTERY repairing. livingroom suites, odd chairs, cushions rebuilt. Evening CA 1034. WALL washing, cleaning our specialty; stores, homes, churches; complete insurance, efficient workmen. best of reference. to anywhere. FA 2348, 9 to 5. WANT More Miles Per Gallon? Sea "Don" the Carbueretor Man. Scientific motor tune-up, Carter, Stromberg, Mar. net and Zenith parts service and exchange. Top of .18 St. at ML Oliver. HE. 9741. WEATHERSTRIPPING Free estimates, ---rartaccasamo sv term R. ReNu Cp. AT 13 FURNISHED ROOMS APARTMENTS. rooms, mervice; low rates. 212 Tenth St. CO 5,49. BAYARD 4118large, attractIve bedroom; living room: excellent meala; bustnese ariltA 3188. BRAD1OCK SouthPrick Pali Large airy room; business person. CH CATHEDRAL DiatrictComfortable, airy bed-livingroom: single or double; convenient restaurants, transportation. SC 8839. CATIIEDRALAusust 1st. Gentile gentleman: room, nexr to bath; excellent transportation. SC 2338. DOWNTOWN 2 rooms. 14 'Montour Way, rear Nixon Theater. Gentleman only. EAST End room; second door; excellent transporta lion. MO 9218. WELLESLEY 500 Exceptionally large twin bedroom; cross ventilation; excellent transportationi Gentiles. MO 3731. Is UNFURNISHED ROOMS BRITSHTON district-2 sauna, secThnWor, utilitien, $25. PE 1172. LAWRENCEVILLE-3 rooms. drst door. utilities, $20 month. MA 0993. OAELAND--Two lovely rooms; lectriC. hot water included; excellent transportation. 3501 Blvd. Allies, corner Bates. 16 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS ItAnt I-room apartment. furniMed; builnees person; adults only. MA ('111 floor front hedroom: cooking facilities; convenient traolportation; 428 monthly. MA 2209. IIAZELW001)-3 rooms. private bati-V-01 utilities. JA 0755. 110MEWOODTwo bright, clear rooms; refrigeration, utilities; $8 week, PE 7504. SIIERADEN-3 rooms, 3rdi refrigeration. utilities; adulte: $35. FE 29A7. 20 FURNISHED APTS. HOUSES MT. WashingtonAttractive new, private utilities; convenient location; riult C. IN 91171 apartment'. completely furnished. Reasonable. Adult Couple only. MA 290, 1-7 P. ARTMENTSUST END 1477-o IMOM-1171GL CO 4187, 03ARLA-70, Forbes ai frifin traPtive 3 rooms, private bath centrally located; adults. StI 6234. 102 LEVAL NOTICES beth Hannon and John waiter, Thomas, Edward and James Kelly. Friends re- HOWARD R. EULENSTEIN, Attornee. ceived at the Carty Funeral Home. 13lM 1209 Plaza Building. No. 1274 of 1914. Allegheny North Side. Notice of Notice that letters of administration on time later, the estate of 1Valter A. Leathers, deceased. KIRKEROn Monday, July 17, 1944. al tote of Pitcairn, Allegheny County. having 9:45 a at hut residence, 6024 St. been granted. all persons indebted to said lat.rie payment and those hay- William Kirker, son of the estate will make pay late John Watt and Maria Black Kirker; nig elanne will present them to Mary F. brother of Josephine Black and Martha Leathers, AdMinistrattig, 641 Fifth Street. Watt Kirker. Friends received at H. Sam-Pitcairn. Pa. tonsil, 537 Neville where services will SKIP'. EVASHWICK BEST, Attorneys. be held Wednesday afternoon at 1115 Berger Building, Pittsburgh. Pa, No. o'clock, 3403 of 1944. Notice that letters testa- 1401.11 On Monday evening. July 17, mentary on the estate of Mike Klipa. de- 1941, Mary Rose Kolb. beloved wife of ei.amed, tete of Wilmerding, Allegheny Colin- Charles A. Kolb, mother of Mary H. It, having been granted, all persons in Kolb. Ala survived by one brother, Floyd dented to said estate will make payment Rote. at her home, 3914 McClure end those haying claims will present them North Side, after a lingering littlest'. to Matt Radattovich, Executor, 126 Mc- Friends received at the Funeral Home of Donald Avenue. Turtle Creek, Pa. T. D. Turner, 729 Wallace WilkinsJOHN L. MILLER and DITF-F, RettifT burg, where services will be held Thursday SMITH, Attorneys, 2615 Grant Building, afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Pittsburgh, Pa, No. 4035 of 1944. Notice LEACHOn Tueeday. July 18, at 6:50 that letters of administration on the estate a. Mary J. tPollel Leach, at het of Sophie Mohney. formerly Sophie Slowilt, residence, 49 Perryview N. deceased, late of Pittsburgh, Allegheny daughter Of the late William and Elizabeth Ceunty. having been granted, all persons Leach: sister Of Annie. William, Vincent Indebted to said estate will make payment and the late Alfred and Fredrick Leach. and those having claims will present them Friends received at George W. Heard Ftito Harry I. Marley. Administrator, 2238 neral Home, 4047 Perrysville Ave. Fu, Wilson Avenue. Pittsburgh Pa. nerd Thursday afternoon at. 3 o'clock. Attorne-7-7171 8 Flowers gratefully declined. Law Finnnee Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. MAGOIOn Saturday, July 15, at 10:05 No. Still of 1944. Notice that letters testa- et, m. Jamee 5Iaggi, of 227 Marten'? mentery On the estate of Harry H. Illekok. west 'View. widower of sada Nichols and deceased, late of Wilkinsburg. Allegheny fattier of R. J. and H. 1l7f Magni. Friends County, having been granted. all persons received at George W. Heard Funeral indebted to said eetate will make payment Home, 4047 Perrysville Ave. Services on end those hnving will present them Wedneeday at 2 p. m. The Union Trust Company of Pitts- MATHEWSOn Sunday, July 16, 1944, burgh. Exectitnr. Fifth Avenue and Grant William Mathews, beloved husband Of Sire-I, Pittsburgh, Pa. Marie Saunders Mathews, father of Sgt. GEORGE SWAYAND ALTFR, wolinm J. Mathew's. U.S.A., Mrs. Eleanor Dakan and Mrs. Betty Jane Ricker. Fu- WRIGHT BARRON. Attorneys, 2201 neral services will be held at his late rest-Find National Bank Building. Pittsburgh, Pa. No. 3818 of 1944 Notice that letters p. rn dence, 829 Inwood Wednesday at 2 testamentary on the estate of Henry J. McCONNACOHY On Monday, Charles Merges. deceased. late of Pittsburgh. Ale- 8.. of 1108 Portland St. Remains may be gotny County. having been granted. all viewed at the Chapel of Herbert V. SperPereone Indebted to said estate will make ling, 316 Pearl until Thursday at 9 and those haying claims will Pre- a. m. Services and burial at the Union ant them to Harry P. Menges. Executor. Cemetery, Ohio, on Thursday. 5,07 Dunmovle Street. Pittsburgh Pa cKENNAOn Saturday. July 15, John E. MORCROFT. AttarneY, M. beloved husband of Anne McKenna '21120 Grant Pudding, Pittsburgh. Pa, No, (nee McGulgani, father of John and 4155 of 1944. Notice that letters tests- sister M. Audrey, of Mercy Order. Friends rnerdery On the estate of Bertha Tryon may call at his Maidence, 1324 Western Dougherty. or Bertha. T. Daugherty. de- Ave. Funeral Wednesday morning at ceased, late of Bellevue, Allegheny County, 9:30 a. m. Solemn requiem high Mass having been granted, all persons indebted at St. Andrew's Church at 10 M. to said estate will make payment and Friend" invited. these having clefts will present them lo MILLEROn Sunday, July 16, 1944, Charles Daileherty. Executor. 366 Lincoln Susanna Kmn, of 710 Orchard Belle-Avenue, Bellevue, Pa. vue, wife of the late Phillip and mother PRICHARD. LAWLER. MALORT: 76 Of Harry. Raymond, Elmer, Set. Robert, GELTZ, 514 Grunt Building. PitteburAh, Mrs. Anna Grubbs and Mrs. Dorothea Reel. pa. To Marie Wintinagel Stricklend, se Friends received et tine Henry E. Ley Yuma-indent: Take notice that the subpoena nerd Home, 2800 Perrysville N. and alias Publemen in the case of Simpson where services will be held Wednesday, A. etrickland against you for annulment July 19th. at 3 m. Friends Invited. of Marriage at No. le05 April Term, 1944. O'BRIENOn Tuesday, July Iii, 1944, Court of Common Pleas. Allegheny County. Bertha C. daughter of the late Decline and have been returned N. E. I. You are Mary Butler O'Brien; sister of Mrs. Thomas required to appear and answer the petition O'Brien, John J. Leo and W. Edward or libel Ott or before the ark Monday of O'Brien, of 147 Orchard Place. Friends Aerust. 1944 Robert Corbett. Sheriff. received at Colligen Bros, Funeral Home, ---151fri1A- it D. LAWLER. MALONE 608 Warrington Ave. Notice of funeral Attorneye. 514 Grant Building. later, Pittsburgh Pa. No. 3821 of 1944.. Notice Jule 9 PEOERTNER Suddenly. on Sunday, that letters testamentary on the estate of at Hear Utah, 'Set. Arthur Pfnertner. son Of Theodore and the Sarah Marie Blair. now Sarah Marie Blair Rottliner deceased, late of Patsburgh, Al- late Catherine Griffin Sturm; brother of ieasheny County, having been granted, ali Mrs. Louis Grotticelli, E. Roy and Pvt. persOntl indebted to said estate will make Elmer Ploertner. Friends received at the payment and Ramat baying claims win Parlors of 1Vm. Slater Sons, Virginia present them to The Union Trust Company Ave. and Keamarge Mt. Waahington, of Pittsburgh. Executor. Fifth Avenue and whet. services will be held Wednesday. Gy.aat etreet Pittshorma Ps 19th. at 2 p. rn. a PLENDEROn Monday, July 17, 1944. A NOTICES Beatrice Walsh, beloved wife of Robert F. and mother of Patricia, Robert AIDELSIttC11Of 2359 Hopeland A. and Martha Pleader. Funeral from Suddenly, On Tuesday. July IS, 1944. John the Lawrence B. McCabe Funeral Home, age 46 years, husband of the late 7204 Thomas on Thureday at 910 Henrietta Hillenbrand Atielsbach; non I m. Requiem high masa at Holy Rosary Mary and the late Nicholas Adelstateh; Church at 10 it, tn. a father of Esther and Louis Adelsbach; also Ettindity at 12 o'clock mid-survived by 4 sisters. Funeral Friday night. Helen D. Price, wife of the late ini the John F. Semmeirock Funeral John M. Price, beloved mother of Mrs. Home, 2134 Brownsville Cerrick. High Obed Kay Price. Pittsburch. and John L. mese of requiem In St. Wendelin's Church. Price. Akron. Ohio. Services at the Funeral 'Line later. Home of L. B. Yonne, Penn New ALDRIDOEOn Monday, July 17, 1944. Brighton. Wednesday afternoon at or E. husband of Anna J. Aldndire. of 157 2:30 o'clock. Ceerry Valley Forest Father of IT1414.1(4-- On Sunday morning, Casino Frs. M. L. Scha ed efer, of York, Pa. Friends Samuel, belov husband of Grace Pucci. received at the Eaton Funeral Home. 733 father of Mrs. Lena Mrs. Rose Ross Wilkinsburg. where services Morgan, Mrs. Mary Merlin, Mn. Sarah all be field Tuesdey evening at 8 o'clock. Morlino. Angelina Purpura. Catherine Interment in Rushville. Indiana. Crane, Joeepti and Sgt. John feuAMENHAt Hospital. nit Sum octal from Wean, a 5300 Penn day, Juiy to, MC at 4 a. Henry it. on Wednesday. July 19, at 9 :10 in, I Marry) Amend. aged 65 years. husband Requiem high mats at Immeculate Con-Or McClelland Amend. father of cetomn Charch at 10 a. m. Friends melted. teri. Virginia Cram. of Swissvale; Mrs. Saturday, July 15. Jacob, son mara leravetz end Mary. rat Turtle Creek. of the late Charles and Milli Reed leriende sorvived Wen by 1 sister Miss Mary received at the Funerel Home of John A. Amend, of Turtle Creek. Friende received Freyvogel, 3411tt 5th Ave. Services Veednessi the family reeidence. 316 James day. Jule 19th Cl 2:30 m. Titr; le Creek Funeral services Weaneeclay ItHeeiNFIll gluddcniy, net Saturday. July afternoon, July 19 et 2 o'clock. luterment 15, In his 29th yew-. Ravmord L. RoesCaargil Hill Clinettry. net, of R. D. I. McKeesport. beloved htnet I IMES beth Hannon and John Walter, Thomae, Edward and James Kelly. Friends reITEIN, AttorneV. ceived at the Clarty Funeral Home, 1305 o. 4274 of 1944. Allegheny North Side. Notice of dministration on tlim. law, there. deceased. KIRKER-On Monday, July 17, 1944, at having 9:45 a. at his residence, 6024 St. Indebted to said William Kirker, son of the and those hay- late John Watt and Maria Black Kirker: hem to Mary F. brother of Josephine Black and Martha 641 Fifth Street. Watt Kirker. Friends received at H. Sam sonss, 537 Neville where services will BEST, Attorneys. be held Wednesday afternoon at aburgh. Pa. No. o'clock, at letters testa- -On Monday evening, July 17, Mike Klipa. de- 1944, Mary Rose Kolb. beloved wife of Allegheny C011n Charles A. holt), mother of Mary H. all persons in- Kolb, Also survived by one brother, Floyd I make payment Rose. at her home, 3914 McClure will present them Nurth Side, after a lingering illness. 126 Mc- Friends received at the Funeral Home of eek. Pa. T. D. Turner, 729 Wallace Wilkins1-131-57. RettifT burg, where services will be held Thursday 5 Grant Building. afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. of 1944. Notice LEACH-On Tueeday, July 18, at 6:50 ion on the estate a. Mary J. (Polly) Leach, at her ly Sophie Slowik, residence, 49 Perryview N. turgh, Allegheny daughter Of the late William and Elizabeth nted, all persons Leach: sister of Annie, William, Vincent II make payment and the late Alfred and Fredrick Leach. will present them Friends received at George W. Heard Ftiministrator. 2238 neral Home, 4047 Perrysville Ave. Fu- Pa. neral Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Attorne771-01 8 Flowers gratefully declined. Pittsburgh, Pa. MAGG1-On Saturday, July 15, at 10:05 James elaggi. of 227 Martsolf Ave hat letters testa- Harry H. Hickok. I tot, I Ni hots and Weal View. a it ower a father of R. J. and H. Magee'. Friends riends Mum Allegheny Red. all Persons received at George W. Heard Funeral II make payment Home, 4047 Perrysville Ave. Services on vill present them Wedneeday at 2 p. m. NIATilvwson Sunnily, July 16, 1944, a anodf GP It a nst- William Mathews, beloved husband of Marie Saunders Mathews, father of 8 -AND ALTFR, William J. Mathews. U.S.A., Mrs. Eleanor Mikan and Mrs. Betty Jane Ricker. Fu- Attorneys, 2201 neral services will be held at his late rest-line, PittePurCP dence, 829 Inwood Wednesday at 2 Mice that letters tie of Henry J. McCONNAUGHY On Monday, Charles Pittsburgh. Alie- en granted. all of 1108 Portland St. Remains may be viewed at the Chapel of Herbert V. Steer-estate will make ling, 316 Pearl until Thursday at 9 claim, will Pre- a. tn. Services and burial at the Union noes. Executor. Cemetery, Steubenville. Ohio, on Thursday. tsburgh Pa McliENNA-On Saturday, July la, Joan AttorneY, M. beloved husband of Anne McKenna ra, No, (nee McGuigan), tattler of John F. and lit letters testa- sister M. Audrey, of Mercy Order. Friends if Bertha 'Tryon may call ur his residence, 1324 Western Daugherty, de- Ave. Funeral Wednesday morning at illegbeny County, 9:30 a. m. Solemn requiem high Mass persons Indebted at St. Andrew's Church at 10 M. payment and Friends invited. present them to MILLER-On Sunday, July 16, 1944, (Mr. 366 Lincoln Susanna Kmn, of 710 Orchard Bellevue, wife of the late Phillip and mother eta-T-4 of Harry. Raymond, Elmer, Sgt. Robert( ling. Pit airs. Anna Grubbs and Mrs. Dorothea Reel. Stricklend. Friends received at the Henry E. Ley lit-at the subpoena neral Home, 280 Perrysville Ave, N. cage of Simpson where services will be held Wednesday, I for annulment July 19th. at 3 et. m. Friends invited. Term, 1944. O'BRIEN-On Tuesday. July lit, 1944, County, Bertha C. daughter of the late Dennis and i I. You are Mary Butler O'Brien; sister of Mrs. Thomas swer the petition O'Brien, John J. Leo and W. Edward fleet Monday of O'Brien. of 147 Orchard Place. Friende Corbett, Sheriff. received at Mirth Bros, Funeral Home, metIoNt 608 Warrington Ave. Notice of funeral Grant Building. later, Suddenly on Sunday, of 1944.. Notice on the estate of July 9. at Keams, Utah, Sgt. Arthur Pfnertner. son Of Theodore and the arch Marie Blair Pittsburgh, Al- late Catherine Griffin Sturm; brother of seen granted, all Mrs. Louis GrottleeilL E. Roy and Pvt. estate will make Elmer Ploertner. Friends received at the tog claims win Parlors of IVin. Slater Sons. Virginia I Trust Company Ave. and Kearsarge Mt. Weehington. ifth Avenue and where services will be held Wednesday. Pa July 19th. at 2 p. to. PLENDER-On Monday, July 17. 1944. 'ICES Beatrice Walsh, beloved wife of i Robert F. and mother of Patricia, Robert Hpeland 18, 1944. John A. and Martha Plender. Funeril from the Lawrence It McCabe Funeral Home, mei of the late, 7204 on Thursday at 91I1 lelebach; Itnn of m. Requiem high mass at Holy Rosary mire( Adelsth, ote Church at 10 it, tit. I Adelsbach; also at 12 o'clock mid-Funeral Friday night, Helen D. wife of the late meirock Funeral John M. Price. beloved mother of Mrs. Carrick. High Obed Kay Price, Pittsburch. and John L. endelin's Church. Price. Akron. Ohio. Servicee at the Funeral Home of L. B. Yonne, Penn New V. July 17, 1944, Brighton. Wednesday afternoon at V. Aldndle. of 157 2:30 o'clock. HUM Father of PURPt RA-On Sunday morning, Comm ark. Pa, Friends Samuel, beloved husband of Grace Pucci, neral Home. 733 (sitter of Mrs. Lena Merlin, Mrs. Rose where services Morgan. Mrs. Mary Merlin, Mn. Sarah at 8 o'clock. Merlin. Angelina Puepura, Mew Catherine Miami. Crane, Joseph and Sgt. John Panama. rue Ho epital, nn Run- ne' from McCabe 5300 Penn a. Henry on Wednesday. July 19. at 9.30 years. husband Requiem high macs at Immaculate Con- norol. Dither of eetoom Chards at 10 a. m. Friends invited Swisevole; Mrs. RE1D-On Saturday, July 15. Jaeob, sem of Turtle Creek. of the late Charlee anti Irritill Reed lerientie mots Mary reeeived at the Funeral Home of John A. CHEVROLET Motors Exchange- Regular and heavy duty riaranteed. Don. aideon Motor Ave Pitttir i ati 3 4. a. 1103 cesteto nolo, OFFICE Furniture bought-sold. Large GLASS while you wait for aa selection (leeks. chairs lk tables. MCCloy's, makes of care and trucks. Eighth Asa. 622 Liberty Ave. AT 3737. Auto Wreckers. 33rd and Citation Ste. USED office furniture. 1Touiifit Lna-s-611-' tim 1275. chairs A Ell TI5A'13 nre mtop-New, used Urea: re. Mecloy's, A22 Llbertv Aye, AT 3727. capping Corner WM Robinson Crento. kiTITING good con. t.1.8I104,4... TRAILERS AND BUSSES 10 MACHINERY ABO 0 (1)tton: 665, 11 or 96 NEW 1944 Gilder on tiliTerliWiii-rraTier (-7001184-A-lr coal cutting machine. tYPe Sales Route 30, pa. Phone 1475. 12 A. 35-borsepower D. C. MOVE yourself-Leave money! Trucks and 8 2 T-NUCKS FOR HIRE moving pads rented. Auto Rental Co. 014en complete. Goodman ehaker eoal conveyor, 14 pni it: 4n, :4 hours daily. incldin gundays. id :1 1.61 el ni tc.tao ot I DI: Phone 4 eRwcoecnande 0: isrl itoeensr c. 4. ug a hour. day r4 ERIE steam shovel, model 11; 2 boilers; other parte tort Othnerotis to mention. week. 114 to 5-ton Express Phone Curtisville 10, Colmerville Coal CO. stake or Panel bodies. Hertz Triirk DismANTIANo two Marion No. 36 modal Service. 405 meiwNvi gt, MA 0333: 1339 steam ehovels. If interested In Parts. call Locust St- CO 3388: 1100 Western 3361 New Cumberland, W. Vit. CE 5150, 14 WATERCRAFT 99 SMALL LOAN LICENSEES WANTED-Win ertneer, trunk type Pre- Plitt quick eitivIrTiTtIf-KTITOITE-87lirrric ferred. Give Dill Particulars. 1,268 WM- Miss White. you fket cash-plus-with Telegraph. a loan from us. Don borrow linnet-es- 1-5 eerily. but if a loan oom, Mit -CELLANEOUS WANTED will Slve prble outsider these extra five advanta.ses of F.AWI T-vanted-Any size, type Or afire-: doing foamiest, with Personal. I-Loans also ceiling circulating gm-steam made on signature. furniture or auto. 2- radiators. circulating coal beaters and Complete privacy always. 3-No long rig. eaten all lite'. CO 5450. amarole. Prompt, friendly service. 4 tot loans. also loans and ftlenient photo supplies. Penn Camera Photo entirely by mail. 5-Exclusive-Nationwide Sapplien, tit Liberty Ave. Hotel Culin.Criedloit Building Finance Co. Five convenient ADDING machines. typewriter, wanted. of lkes. DOWNTOWN-2nd Poor 429 Avh American Writing Machina Stores, 801 Law a 1..,,,,,,,00 ATiFourth antic 8170: 11tirty Aye. AT 4004. Park Bidg Corner 5th ITIGIIESf prices tor watehee, Smithfield. Giant 1258. NORTH SIDE old gold, silver bridgework. Morris Gold- --524 Federal 604 Dollar Sayings stock, 203 Clark Bldg. Tr. Bldg. CEdar 2'213. EAST LIBERTYrTSKIERAR boutEIT allio projertore, ur- Coy Penn Center Avec I Over Sun Drug ulars, etc. Wol 's Kamera Exchange, 306 Store). Montrose 7170. BRADDOCK-Or. Diamond St. El Cor, Braddock George. Next to triiitT9 41 cam peke Times Theater. Bitandywine 2a02. Also offices In Beavere Fails, limier, Charleroi. paid: anywhere. anytime. hl 3363. 6288-70 Fran kstovm, Connelisville, Greensburg. McKeesport, New Castle. New Kensmgton. Sharon. Union- sold. Standard Typewriter COINS. Old Ruften. dlaml's Filth and an'l town, WashIngton. Ses phone diuctory for Liberty. ,00., ThiN17-1 -on eit i17177-car or furniture with. CASH Paid for old or new 61w1V nil. out endorsers or guarantors. Bormer 820 cnines. washers and Sweepers. F. to $31,0 at Household. Cacti. private eery. WE will buy your used ctric refriger ice. No credit inquiries of friends or rem. ator or washer. Quinn's. PR 1344. A 1100 loan may be repaid to 12 l'OP Prices for Diamonds, Watches7CTUT monthly instalments of III) 05 tact. Or in S. (Huck, Clark Bldg 6 monthly inetaiments of gla 46 each. The quicker you repay, the leas the cost, Paye PETS ments Include charges at Household's rate grminth. of 3,4 per month on on a thand part of a bal- ance not exceeding Si 2 twr mood, OM IMPPIell, 2.year-olds. ResSonable. C. heady. 22a Pittsburgh ikottdalte PA, em that Part of a balance in excess of 1100. tioUsehold Finance rorporation-6 Now. 135 Pittsburgh offices: May Bldg 3rd trt 79 LANDSCAPING Cr. Dherty 5th Ave. Phone COurt 308. First Nations Bank Bldg I led 51 I th 1 DRY walls. walks hallos built. Meadow Wood Phone ATiantic 166.o. Park Elide, Brook Fertilizer Co. lel Ana, t.r. 5116. 3rd El. 5th Ave. A Smithfield. Phone 80 Allantic 5332. Clark Ride 7th Liberty. Phone (Thant 5177. East Liberia-Peonies TNCrlliTJES, Spray, 'Lis-1774 East End 2nd 81.. 800e Penn. PO-ULTRY AND SUPPLIES House Paint. AItman'S. 1630 W. Carson SL montroge mow city 16 CHICHEN9 for sale. Cali LE Rink BAK. 2nd 11. Phone McKeesport VEHICLES 7114. 2nd 82 HORSES. STOCK. 622 Wood St Phone Churchill N44. tIOTI.SE ItaTe7-111sttway pony, traelT.f. For ed 1 urelav. July 22 at 10.30 IS to. ereePott see Telephone Rook loans Ito to ch.pe) ng horses Ronieoad. 3-5-staited and JumP- 100 JEWELRY, MERCHANDISE LOANS is. outside horses arreb rd CAlt IlIT I 167. LOANS-Large or stx-year-oM bc.ewn Watches. etc. 1 Per Month. roam with two-month-old Mal; bog Mere, 1010 Years Reitable We Buy Old Gold, eseetlent mars. John DIAMOND LOAN ANTI FIN A'NCE ASSN. AtkortallO lateettstataL R. D. 4. Photte 21 1, Strithaeld St Opposite Old Postolece. 2U50. 12nd Floor. Vie Llevator or Priests Mow. OFPICE Furniture bought-sold. Large selection desks. chairs lk tables. Me Cloy's. 622 Liberty Ave, AT 3737. USED orrice film re. ittaliatt Large inflection desks, chairs St ta blee. Mcclov's, 622 Liberty Ave. AT 3737, Nlachlitii7fairouglis good con. dition: $65 J11 or ,,11,1 10 MACHINERY AND TOOLS oodbm-Alr- coal cut tine 12 A. 35-borsetiowe D. C. mot or, comoltoe. nondman ahaker eoal conveyor, complete, With ail tools and enemenries. Condit ion excellent. Phone Rochester, 1444. ERIE: steam shovel, Model 71; 2 boilers; recently retubed. Cat in good condition; other parts toil nthnetotin to mention. Phone Curtisville 10, Culmervil le Coal Co. DismANTIANG two Marlon Igo. 36 model steam ehovels. If interested in Parts. call 3361 New Cumberland, W. Va. 14 WATERCRAFT WANTEDWin trunk type Pre- ferred. Give full particulars, L-268 BUBIS MISCELLANEOUS WANTED "FilThntedAny size. type or fire-: also ceiling clecula tins heaters. gm-steam radiators, ci rcula I ins real heaters and safes all Sizes. CO 5450. for khyle equipment', photo supplies. Penn Camera A Photo 910 Liberty Ave. Rotel Building A ODINO machines, typewriter, wanted. American Writing Machines Stores, 501 iiitorty Ave. AT 4004. ITIGIIEST prices fur diamonda watchea, old gold, silver bridgework. Morris Gold. stock, 203 Clark Bldg. rial ERA it bougET, also projectors, ul ars, etc. Wolk's Kamera Exchange, 306 Diamond Pt. WanterlIllehest cash price paid: anywhere. anytime. IU 3363. 6268-70 Irmo stovm COINS. Cod Buttons. Stamps bought and sold, Standard Typewriter Filth and Liberty. CASH paid for old or new earring maenInee. washers and Sweepers. kV g212. WE will buy your used electric refrigerator or washer. Quino's. PR 1344. tOP Prices for Diamonds, Watches-7 St Muck, 302A Clark Bldg PETS 1415r.P7rriirrihilittere d-monthold PUPPieel, 2yesr-oldo Reasonable. C. Keedy, 22i Pittsburgh eltoRdale Pa. Phone IV. NIT walls. walks VOWS built. Msadow Brook Fercillor VI 1604 5118. 80 POULTRY AND SUPPLIES ry Spray, guile-1774 How. Paint. 1630 W. Carson St. CHICIE11 fur sule Call LK 82 HORSES. STOCK. VEHICLES tionsg flaTiiiighwaY Pony. July 22 st 10:30 rn. esseport isus Chaps) Rnad. 3-5-1011104 and Jump ins horses Mulles. outside horses secePtsd CAll ST 1167 CIFETritarr Motors Exchange Regular and heavy duty riaranteed. Den. aidson Motor 1103 Western pt it N. Pa. CF1 3800.

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What are the two major newspapers in Pittsburgh? ›

Major newspapers:
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

What happened to the Pittsburgh Press? ›

The Pittsburgh Press, often forgotten by people outside Pennsylvania, was never published again. It was owned by Scripps-Howard and sold to the Blocks, who shut it down so that they could make The Post-Gazette the dominant paper in town.

Is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette conservative or liberal? ›

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is a press organization in Pittsburgh, PA and is the most widely-read newspaper in the metropolitan area. It reports with a conservative bias.

What is the largest paper in Pittsburgh? ›

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, also known simply as the PG, is the largest newspaper serving metropolitan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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