Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (2023)

A safe and fun camp experience for your furry friend

Because only the best will do!

Wouldn’t you love your dog to enjoy their getaway as much as you do? Yours will, because this luxury dog boarding in NH (trulydoglodging worthy of your best pal!) is so much more than just a room –it’s an experience! When your dog is a guest at White Mountain College for Pets, he or she will get love and care that’s as close to family as possible.

Every stay is packed full of exciting mental stimulation, breed-focused exercise — and nutritious meal supplements (a.k.a treats!), too. Pro tip: book early; availability is limited…

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Which accommodation style fits your dog?

Luxury Suite

Stay in one of our six, uniquely-themed luxury suites, offering the amenities of home, blended with a fun-filled overnight camp experience.

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Studio Room

Our spacious studio rooms ensure your best pal enjoys their privacy, as well as their own outdoor exercise area.

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“Suite Luxury” for Your Dog

Every luxury suite guest enjoys:

*Please: only request a Luxury Suite if your dog is calm, clean and quiet.

  • Comfy, plush furnishings matching the room’s theme

  • Daily activities, from games to hikes to play time

  • A private patio

  • Their own television

  • Ceramic food and water bowls

  • A farm fresh egg with breakfast

  • Fruit or vegetables with dinner

  • Individual cuddles

Luxury Suite Rates

  • Single Dog – $65/night

  • Double Dog (same family, shared suite) – $60/night/dog

Daily activity is included with luxury suite bookings

Luxury Suite Rules

  • If your dog discovers their inner wild child while in a Luxury Suite, they will be moved to a Studio Room with no reduction in rate.

  • Stinky or dirty dogs will be bathed prior to being allowed in a Luxury Suite.

  • Destruction of lodge items by dogs will be charged appropriately.

  • Departures during our PM office hours will be charged a 1/2 night fee.

The Presidential Suite

Our largest suite for the distinguished guest. Old Glory is proudly displayed with our 42nd and 45th in attendance. Your dog will bask in patriotism while relaxing on the loveseat watching CSPAN on their very own television.

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (4)

The Beach Suite

Your pup will feel the breeze in their fur without the sand! Sprawled out on a beach towel enjoying the waves crashing on their personal TV, your dog is sure to be howling a Jimmy Buffet tune.

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (6)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (7)

The Woodlands Suite

Even if they have never seen a duck, all dogs have the ancient DNA of a hunter. Surrounded by images of fish and fowl, your dog will feel the thrill of the chase, without breaking a sweat. At the end of the day, a relaxing nap on their camp cot awaits.

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (8)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (9)

The Wee-One Suite

Your little love ball of fur will melt into their plush pillow bed. With aspirations of dreaming big and gazing upon a sea of encouragement, your pup will spend their days in happy bliss.

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (10)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (11)

The North Pole Suite

Who says Christmas only comes once a year? Not us! Everyday is full of holiday joy when your dog stays in our North Pole Suite. Snowflakes and Christmas lights, snowmen wreath.

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (12)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (13)

The Farmer’s Suite

For the good ole’ country dog. After a hard day playing in the field, your dog will lay their snout on a comfortable elevated bed and ponder the farmland artwork that adorns the wall of their suite. If only they could catch that rubber chicken…

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (14)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (15)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (16)

Sweet Studio Living

Our spacious indoor Studio rooms provide your dog with privacy, and their own outdoor exercise area.

Educational toys stimulate their mind, thoughtful music calms their soul and a therapeutic Kuranda bed pampers their body.

A modern heating and air conditioning system with built in UV light disinfection assures health and comfort.

Studio Room Rates

  • Single Dog – $40/night

  • Plus – Adds a daily activity session – $50/night

  • Double Dog (same family, shared room) – $35/night/dog

  • Plus – Adds a daily activity session – $45/night/dog

Request Lodging


  • Bathing, nail clipping and ear cleaning: $40

  • Nail clipping: $20

  • Odor/skunk bath: $60

  • Medicated bath: $45

  • Flea bath: $45

For grooming and style clips, visit our Grooming page

Food and Supplies

We provide:

  • Dry food

  • Food and water bowl

  • Raised Kurana bed

  • Plush bedding

  • Kong and Nylabone

Please do not bring any of these items.

Vaccination Requirements

No Exceptions

  • Rabies

  • Canine cough

  • Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis

Recommended but not required:

  • Influenza

  • Lyme

Up to date flea and tick preventative is required.
Blood titers from a qualified veterinarian are acceptable.

Lodging Drop Off & Pickup Hours

No Exceptions

  • M, T, Th, Fr, Sat: 7am – 9am and 4:30pm – 6:30pm

  • Sunday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm. No AM hours.

  • No drop off or pickup on Wednesdays

  • No drop off or pickup on all major holidays except…

  • No drop off or pickup the Sunday before holidays that fall on a Monday.

Open normal hours on Monday holidays.

Caring for the Mind

Mental enrichment is critical for the overall wellbeing of your dog. The White Mountain College for Pets team are innovators in providing new and challenging enrichment activities to enhance your dog’s vacation. Your dog may be presented with a variety of the items below for play or meals.

  • Filled Kong Toy

  • Kong Wobbler

  • Nylabone

  • Star Spinner Puzzle

  • Slider Puzzle

  • Slow Feeder Bowl

  • Scent Tubes

  • Throw – Chase Toy

  • Lick Mats

  • Filled Kong Toy

  • Kong Wobbler

  • Nylabone

  • Star Spinner Puzzle

  • Slider Puzzle

  • Slow Feeder Bowl

  • Scent Tubes

  • Throw – Chase Toy

  • Lick Mats

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (17)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (18)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (19)

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (20)

Our “No Worries” Promise

Your four-legged friend is assured a stimulating and enriching stay! For our furry guests’ owners, being able to relax and not worry is priceless.

Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (21)

  • I went to WMCP because I had a dog/people reactive dog. He now eagerly attends camp to socialize and PLAY with other dogs! My vet, groomer, friends and family all... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (22) Donna Borges
    March 25, 2022

    We have used many services from White Mountain College for pets. Where to start, puppy classes, obedience foundation, grooming, lodging plus. The facility is super clean. Staff... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (23) B Ladd
    March 25, 2022

    Every member of the staff cares for our dog as if they were their own (maybe better!). In particular, our little Frenchie is full of energy and WMCP allows her... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (24) Jini Rae Sparkman
    May 2, 2021

  • The staff is incredible and my dog is well cared for. We vacation in the NH lakes region twice a year and we have been White Mountain College clients for... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (25) Patrick Jay
    September 2, 2021

    My dog Biscuit loves going to White Mountain College for Pets! They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and I feel as though my dog is well taken care of... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (26) Michelle McCauley
    February 25, 2022

    They take great care of your cat while you are on vacation. Like sending your kitty to camp for the week!

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (27) Mark Andrew
    September 2, 2021

  • My fiancé and I are so thankful that we found White Mountain College for Pets! As most everyone we know knows, Beau is the most hyper pup I have ever... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (28) Callie Bechtol
    April 2, 2021

    We have been bringing our pups here for 3 years. From obedience training, to fun agility classes and weekly day care - Mike and his team are professional, kind and... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (29) LeeAnne O'Neil
    February 25, 2022

    This is my go-to place for my lacie. They take such good care of her.

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (30) diana jay
    September 2, 2021

  • Been sending Millie to doggie day camp this summer. She loves it! People are all great and really care about the fur babies they have in their charge.

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (31) Lynne Bates
    July 2, 2021

    Really great caring staff and top notch facility- our positive experience started with a few training classes when our dog was a puppy, all excellent and helpful for our pup's... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (32) Andrew Ines
    April 25, 2022

    I’ve been boarding my dogs with Mike for years when we’d go on family vacations and have always felt so comfortable our dogs have been very well cared for. ... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (33) Heather Phillips
    February 25, 2022

  • My dog, Rio (English cream golden, 1 year old), is extremely happy at White Mountain College for Pets. She finished the basic trainings recently and already behaves well. She also... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (34) Kaori Ito
    February 25, 2022

    From the very first day, the staff at White Mountain College for Pets has been so welcoming & eager to help. They truly care about all the pets they... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (35) Valerie De Rosch
    February 25, 2022

    I leave my 13 year old ornery doxie here and am thrilled at their comfort level in dealing with a grouchy old man. Other pet places in this area wouldn’t... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (36) Erin Kampmann
    February 25, 2022

  • Positive:Professionalism , Quality , Reliability , Responsiveness , Value They gave me training as an owner of a great dog to do what I... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (37) Walter Burkhart
    October 27, 2021

    I have 2 young male dogs who attend College for Pets twice weekly. They look forward to going and are very tired when they return. The staff is professional, hard... read more

    Luxury dog boarding in NH (603) 536-4219 (38) Maureen Toland
    February 25, 2022


What to expect when your dog comes home from boarding? ›

Your dog will most likely come home and sleep very soundly for a day or two. If they got playtime or daycare and were romping around for hours more than usual; paired with a new place, new smells, and new friends; they are rightfully tired.

How stressful is boarding a dog? ›

A boarding stay can be a stressful experience for any pet, even one who has been to stay in a boarding facility in the past. This also remains true if you use the same provider that you have previously as your pet is unlikely to remember the facility, and the people and certainly the animals are likely to be different.

What should I look for in a dog boarder? ›

Finding a safe and comfortable boarding option for your dog takes careful research. Visit the kennel or pet sitter with your dog first to see how they interact with them. Safety is key, so look for secure, clean, chemical-free, and temperature-controlled spaces.

What do dogs think about being boarded? ›

They will feel lonely and anxious in that strange place. It is not suitable to think like a human in this situation. Dogs don't feel nauseous or hopeless in a strange place without any known face. They get insecure and face a certain level of depression when being left in a completely new environment.

Why do dogs cry after boarding? ›

Separation anxiety is common amongst many dog breeds and can worsen when you leave, or their routines are changed. Common signs of separation anxiety include whining or barking when left alone, excessive drooling, and destructive behavior.

How do I prepare my dog for dog boarding? ›

How to Prepare When Boarding Your Dog for the First Time
  1. Quick and Positive Departure. We know that leaving your pup is hard. ...
  2. Updated Vaccinations. Many pet boarding facilities require dogs to be updated with their vaccinations. ...
  3. Updated ID Tags. ...
  4. Familiar Items. ...
  5. Socialization Training. ...
  6. Consistent Diet. ...
  7. Sleeping Habits.

Will my dog be OK in boarding kennels? ›

Kennels are an option for your dog when you're away, but this will depend on whether your dog is comfortable with being in a kennel environment. Many dogs find kennels isolating and if your dog hates being left alone, leaving them in a home environment where they can enjoy the company of people will be best for them.

Do dogs remember you after boarding? ›

Many people worry that as well as missing them when they're in kennels, their dog will even forget them eventually. Whilst this is a natural concern if you'll be gone for weeks, it's not something you need to fear. The truth is that your dog will almost always remember you, however long you've been apart.

Do dogs know when you're gone for a long time? ›

Animal memory is thought to be much more simplistic than human memory, and dogs have episodic memories, which means they are only able to remember certain events in their life. While your dog will remember you leaving the house, they most likely won't understand how long you were away.

What is the best floor for dog boarding? ›

Easy to maintain, comfortable, and durable, rubber kennel flooring is the perfect solution for your daycare. Most rubber flooring is smie-porous, making it easier to clean. This option is also slip-resistant, even when wet.

How do you know if a boarding kennel is bad? ›

These include:
  • stress and anxiety from staying in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • being around other animals that may transmit disease.
  • overcrowding, lack of cleaning, and an untrained staff.
  • inconvenient locations or hours.

How do I know if my kennel is good? ›

Hygiene is a number one priority. See whether the kennel is well lit, with all the essential features and arrangements. It should be clean enough for your dog to enjoy a comfortable stay. Checking this is only possible when you visit the facility physically.

Do dogs miss you when you're gone? ›

Studies show that dogs form positive associations with their favorite people, and they don't like being separated from you for long. Dogs can handle alone time, but they do miss you when you're gone.

Does boarding your dog help anxiety? ›

We can also help reduce their anxiety by arranging for pet care services, such as pet boarding, dog walking or at home with a pet sitter. That way, we can rest assured knowing that our furry family members are being taken care of while we're away.

Do dogs miss you when you leave? ›

Do Dogs Really Miss Their Owners? They do! Various studies have been done on dogs, including brain scans, to determine that dogs displayed negative emotions while their owner was away. Dogs can actually start missing their owners from the moment they part ways, and keep missing them more up until two hours.

How do I calm my dog while boarding? ›

Here are 5 of our favorite tips for boarding a dog with separation anxiety.
  1. Try and Ease Your Dog into It. ...
  2. Take a Comfort Toy in from Home. ...
  3. Speak to Your Veterinarian in Denton, TX about Medications and Anti-Anxiety Tools. ...
  4. Ensure Your Chosen Boarding Service Can Offer Plenty of Physical and Mental Stimulation.
Mar 11, 2019

What is common dog illness after boarding? ›

Kennel Cough and Dog Boarding

Kennel cough is a very common infection of the respiratory system and will affect most dogs at least once during their lifetime. It can be caused by a wide range of bacteria and viruses and is highly contagious and airborne.

Why is my dog pooping so much after boarding? ›

Monitor her bowel movements

This tends to occur as a result of gut inflammation caused by over-excitement at being reunited with you and your family and will typically settle down in a few days.

How long can you leave a dog home alone while on vacation? ›

Most experts also agree that 8-10 hours should be about the longest period you can leave a dog alone, provided he has access to food and water. Dogs are highly sociable creatures and many of them tend to feel stressed and anxious if left too long without a companion.

Do dogs have to be fixed to go to boarding? ›

No your dog is welcome, whether they are spayed or neutered. We prefer that your dog is not in heat when they come to our facility, but realize that this is not always possible. Your dog will still get the same amount of playtime in the yard. If your pet is not spayed, we will keep them with other females.

How do I leave my dog for the first time? ›

So here are a few tips to consider to ensure your dog is comfortable being home alone.
  1. Determining a confined area for your dog. ...
  2. Taking them for a walk before you leave the house. ...
  3. Using interactive toys to keep them busy. ...
  4. Keeping sufficient food and water. ...
  5. Keeping a fixed place for dogs to relieve themselves.
Nov 26, 2020

How long is too long for a dog to be in a kennel? ›

Adult dogs shouldn't be left in crates for more than 6-8 hours. Puppies of 17 weeks and older can handle up to 4 or 5 hours in a crate at a time. Leaving a dog home alone in a crate longer than this can hurt their mental and physical health.

Should dogs be in kennels all day? ›

Don't leave your dog in the crate too long. A dog who's crated all day and night doesn't get enough exercise or human interaction and can become depressed or anxious.

What do dogs think when you leave them for a week? ›

For most dogs in a comfortable and secure environment, the bond with you is still there if you are gone, and the connection you share is as strong as ever. It's just that you are not at the forefront of their thoughts if you are not present. So, your dog simply gets on with whatever they are doing at that moment.

How long does it take for a dog to recover from boarding? ›

Allow your dog a few days to get used to being home again and to get back to his usual routine and behaviors after staying at a boarding facility. If you notice changes in behavior that are dramatic and do not seem to resolve, book an appointment with your veterinarian, who may be able to suggest advice to help.

Will my dog's behavior change after boarding? ›

Whether your pet is an experienced boarder or this is his first time staying away from you, chances are you will notice a change in his behavior once he returns home. This is normal and to be expected.

How long will my dog be tired after being boarded? ›

If your dog seems a little more tired than usual the first few days after boarding, don't worry too much about it. The thrill of seeing you again and the extra flurry of activity surrounding homecoming may mean your dog needs more shut-eye than usual.

Do dogs change after boarding? ›

If you haven't boarded your dog before, you probably don't realize that she may seem a little different for a few days after you collect her and bring her home. This is often completely normal and just a reaction to her readjusting to her surroundings.

How do I comfort my dog after boarding? ›

Tips after your dog returns home from boarding
  1. Get back into your usual routine as quickly as possible. Dogs benefit from routine and familiarity since knowing what to expect helps them to feel more secure. ...
  2. Don't worry if she eats more than normal. ...
  3. Give her plenty of space to rest to recuperate. ...
  4. Monitor her bowel movements.
Mar 8, 2019

Is boarding bad for dogs with separation anxiety? ›

Being in unfamiliar surroundings without their most trusted humans coupled with disruptions to their routine are major triggers for dogs with separation anxiety, so jumping right into boarding isn't a great idea if it can be avoided.

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