Casio Exilim EX-P700 vs. Kodak DC4800 (2023)


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Casio Exilim EX-P700 vs. Kodak DC4800 (2)

Casio Exilim EX-P700 Kodak DC4800
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Max. image resolution

3072 x 2304

2160 x 1440


Sensor type



Sensor size

1/1.8" (~ 7.11 x 5.33 mm)

1/1.76" (~ 7.27 x 5.46 mm)

Sensor resolution

3072 x 2310

2031 x 1527


8.89 mm

9.09 mm

Sensor size comparison

Sensor size is generally a good indicator of the quality of the camera. Sensors can vary greatly in size. As a general rule, the bigger the sensor, the better the image quality.

Bigger sensors are more effective because they have more surface area to capture light. An important factor when comparing digital cameras is also camera generation. Generally, newer sensors will outperform the older.

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Actual sensor size

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Casio Exilim EX-P700 Kodak DC4800

Surface area:

37.90 mm²vs 39.69 mm²

Difference: 1.79 mm² (5%)

DC4800 sensor is slightly bigger than P700 sensor (only 5% difference).

Note: You are comparing cameras of different generations. There is a 4 year gap between Casio P700 (2004) and Kodak DC4800 (2000). All things being equal, newer sensor generations generally outperform the older.

Pixel pitch

2.31 µm

3.58 µm

Pixel pitch tells you the distance from the center of one pixel (photosite) to the center of the next. It tells you how close the pixels are to each other.

The bigger the pixel pitch, the further apart they are and the bigger each pixel is. Bigger pixels tend to have better signal to noise ratio and greater dynamic range.

Difference: 1.27 µm (55%)

Pixel pitch of DC4800 is approx. 55% higher than pixel pitch of P700.

Pixel area

5.34 µm²

12.82 µm²

Pixel or photosite area affects how much light per pixel can be gathered. The larger it is the more light can be collected by a single pixel.

Larger pixels have the potential to collect more photons, resulting in greater dynamic range, while smaller pixels provide higher resolutions (more detail) for a given sensor size.

Relative pixel sizes:


Pixel area difference: 7.48 µm² (140%)

A pixel on Kodak DC4800 sensor is approx. 140% bigger than a pixel on Casio P700.

Pixel density

18.67 MP/cm²

7.8 MP/cm²

Pixel density tells you how many million pixels fit or would fit in one square cm of the sensor.

Higher pixel density means smaller pixels and lower pixel density means larger pixels.

Difference: 10.87 µm (139%)

Casio P700 has approx. 139% higher pixel density than Kodak DC4800.

To learn about the accuracy of these numbers, click here.


Casio P700

Kodak DC4800

Crop factor



Total megapixels



Effective megapixels



Optical zoom



Digital zoom



ISO sensitivity

Auto, 80, 160, 320, 640

100, 200, 400


Manual focus

Normal focus range

40 cm

50 cm

Macro focus range

10 cm

20 cm

Focal length (35mm equiv.)

33 - 132 mm

28 - 84 mm

Aperture priority



Max. aperture

f2.8 - f4.0

f2.8 - f5.6

Max. aperture (35mm equiv.)

f13.6 - f19.5

f13.3 - f26.7


Multi, Center-weighted, Spot

Centre weighted, Multi Spot

Exposure compensation

±2 EV (in 1/3 EV steps)

±2 EV (in 1/2 EV steps)

Shutter priority



Min. shutter speed

60 sec

16 sec

Max. shutter speed

1/2000 sec

1/1000 sec

Built-in flash

External flash


Optical (tunnel)

Optical (tunnel)

White balance presets



Screen size



Screen resolution

115,200 dots

72,000 dots

Video capture

Max. video resolution

Storage types

SD/MMC card, Internal

CompactFlash type I


USB 1.0

USB 1.0





Lithium-Ion rechargeable

Kodak Lithium-Ion


275 g

320 g


98 x 68 x 45 mm

120 x 69 x 65 mm




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Diagonal is calculated by the use of Pythagorean theorem:

Diagonal = w² + h²

where w = sensor width and h = sensor height

Casio P700 diagonal

The diagonal of P700 sensor is not 1/1.8 or 0.56" (14.1 mm) as you might expect, but approximately two thirds of that value - 8.89 mm. If you want to know why, see sensor sizes.

w = 7.11 mm
h = 5.33 mm

Diagonal = 7.11² + 5.33² = 8.89 mm

Kodak DC4800 diagonal

The diagonal of DC4800 sensor is not 1/1.76 or 0.57" (14.4 mm) as you might expect, but approximately two thirds of that value - 9.09 mm. If you want to know why, see sensor sizes.

w = 7.27 mm
h = 5.46 mm

Diagonal = 7.27² + 5.46² = 9.09 mm

Surface area

Surface area is calculated by multiplying the width and the height of a sensor.

P700 sensor area

Width = 7.11 mm
Height = 5.33 mm

Surface area = 7.11 × 5.33 = 37.90 mm²

DC4800 sensor area

Width = 7.27 mm
Height = 5.46 mm

Surface area = 7.27 × 5.46 = 39.69 mm²

Pixel pitch

Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the next measured in micrometers (µm). It can be calculated with the following formula:

Pixel pitch = sensor width in mm ×1000
sensor resolution width in pixels

P700 pixel pitch

Sensor width = 7.11 mm
Sensor resolution width = 3072 pixels

Pixel pitch = 7.11 ×1000 = 2.31 µm

DC4800 pixel pitch

Sensor width = 7.27 mm
Sensor resolution width = 2031 pixels

Pixel pitch = 7.27 ×1000 = 3.58 µm

Pixel area

The area of one pixel can be calculated by simply squaring the pixel pitch:

Pixel area = pixel pitch²

You could also divide sensor surface area with effective megapixels:

Pixel area = sensor surface area in mm²
effective megapixels

P700 pixel area

Pixel pitch = 2.31 µm

Pixel area = 2.31² = 5.34 µm²

DC4800 pixel area

Pixel pitch = 3.58 µm

Pixel area = 3.58² = 12.82 µm²

Pixel density

Pixel density can be calculated with the following formula:

Pixel density = ( sensor resolution width in pixels )²/ 1000000
sensor width in cm

One could also use this formula:

Pixel density = effective megapixels × 1000000 / 10000
sensor surface area in mm²

P700 pixel density

Sensor resolution width = 3072 pixels
Sensor width = 0.711 cm

Pixel density = (3072 / 0.711)² / 1000000 = 18.67 MP/cm²

DC4800 pixel density

Sensor resolution width = 2031 pixels
Sensor width = 0.727 cm

Pixel density = (2031 / 0.727)² / 1000000 = 7.8 MP/cm²

Sensor resolution

Sensor resolution is calculated from sensor size and effective megapixels. It's slightly higherthan maximum (not interpolated) image resolution which is usually stated on camera specifications. Sensor resolution is used in pixel pitch, pixel area, and pixel density formula. For sake of simplicity, we're going to calculate it in 3 stages.

1. First we need to find the ratio between horizontal and vertical length by dividing the former with the latter (aspect ratio). It's usually 1.33 (4:3) or 1.5 (3:2), but not always.

2. With the ratio (r) known we can calculate the X from the formula below, where X is a vertical number of pixels:

(X × r) × X = effective megapixels × 1000000
X = effective megapixels × 1000000

3. To get sensor resolution we then multiply X with the corresponding ratio:

Resolution horizontal: X × r
Resolution vertical: X

P700 sensor resolution

Sensor width = 7.11 mm
Sensor height = 5.33 mm
Effective megapixels = 7.10

r = 7.11/5.33 = 1.33
X = 7.10 × 1000000 =2310

Resolution horizontal: X × r = 2310 × 1.33 = 3072
Resolution vertical: X = 2310

Sensor resolution = 3072 x 2310

DC4800 sensor resolution

Sensor width = 7.27 mm
Sensor height = 5.46 mm
Effective megapixels = 3.10

r = 7.27/5.46 = 1.33
X = 3.10 × 1000000 =1527

Resolution horizontal: X × r = 1527 × 1.33 = 2031
Resolution vertical: X = 1527

Sensor resolution = 2031 x 1527

Crop factor

Crop factor or focal length multiplier is calculated by dividing the diagonal of 35 mm film (43.27 mm) with the diagonal of the sensor.

Crop factor = 43.27 mm
sensor diagonal in mm

P700 crop factor

Sensor diagonal in mm = 8.89 mm

Crop factor = 43.27 =4.87

DC4800 crop factor

Sensor diagonal in mm = 9.09 mm

Crop factor = 43.27 =4.76

35 mm equivalent aperture

Equivalent aperture (in 135 film terms) is calculated by multiplying lens aperturewith crop factor (a.k.a. focal length multiplier).

P700 equivalent aperture

Crop factor = 4.87
Aperture = f2.8 - f4.0

35-mm equivalent aperture = (f2.8 - f4.0) ×4.87 = f13.6 - f19.5

DC4800 equivalent aperture

Crop factor = 4.76
Aperture = f2.8 - f5.6

35-mm equivalent aperture = (f2.8 - f5.6) ×4.76 = f13.3 - f26.7

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Why did Casio stop making cameras? ›

Casio Computer Co. said it will stop making digital compact cameras because demand is being eroded by the spread of smartphones with high-definition cameras. The wristwatch giant unveiled the world's first digital camera with a liquid-crystal display in March 1995 and gained a reputation for its advanced technology.

What year did the Casio Exilim camera come out? ›

Exilim is a brand of digital cameras introduced in 2002 by Casio.

Is the Casio Exilim waterproof? ›

Waterproof. The camera meets the IEC/JIS Protection Class 8 (IPX8) and Protection Class 6 (IPX6) waterproofing standards. The camera can be used underwater up to 10' (3m) for 60 continuous minutes.

How much is Casio Exilim? ›

The Casio Exilim EX-S200 (MSRP $159.99) is a tough camera to hate—and an even tougher camera to love.

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Throughout the 1990s, F-91W watches were reportedly provided to recruits at al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan. While they were used for their intended purpose–to tell time–bomb makers were additionally trained to use the simple alarm and countdown features to initiate explosive charges.

How do I charge my Casio Exilim camera without a charger? ›

Is there some way to charge a rechargeable battery without removing it from the camera? Yes. Using the USB cable that comes with the camera to connect it to a computer's USB port will supply power for charging the battery.

What was the first 4K digital camera? ›

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At Photokina 1988, Fujifilm introduced the FUJIX DS-1P, the first fully digital camera, which recorded digital images using a semiconductor memory card. The camera's memory card had a capacity of 2 MB of SRAM (static random-access memory), and could hold up to ten photographs.

Can I wear my Casio in the shower? ›

20-bar water resistance

You can wear your G-SHOCK in all sorts of situations, from working with water in daily life and taking a shower to participating in water activities such as swimming, surfing or jet skiing.

Can I take my Casio in the shower? ›

– Do not operate the crown or buttons while your watch is submersed in water or wet. – Avoid wearing your watch while in the bath. – Do not wear your watch while in a heated swimming pool, sauna, or any other high temperature/high humidity environment.

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Only watches marked with the words “DIVER'S WATCH 200M” can be worn while scuba diving (with air tanks). Even if a watch is water-resistant, do not operate its buttons or crown while it is submersed in water or wet. However, “DIVER'S WATCH 200M” casing models permit underwater button operation.

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Seiko can be considered the mechanical equivalent of Casio in this range. Seiko prices may seem a bit higher than Casio but considering they are mechanical/automatic, the price to quality ratio can not be beat.

How do I connect my Casio exilim to my phone? ›

Tap “Pairing” on your smartphone. Tap the name of the camera you want to pair with your smartphone to complete pairing between the camera and smartphone; a wireless Bluetooth connection will be established. If you are using an Android device, wireless LAN connection settings will also be performed automatically.

Does Casio still exist? ›

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

(カシオ計算機株式会社, Kashio Keisanki Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing corporation headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Its products include calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and analogue and digital watches.

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What Casio watch did Obama wear? ›

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What watch does the U.S. military use? ›

G-SHOCK builds the most rugged tactical watches for military personnel who test themselves and test their timepieces. Choose G-SHOCK for the most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the industry, trusted by military personnel, and law enforcement.

What watch did American Sniper wear? ›

In American Sniper, Bradley Cooper, who played Kyle in the film, wears a Casio G-Shock DW-6600-1V. This model features a stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, and an EL backlight. The Casio G-shock watch is very popular among military personnel around the world.

Does Casio make cameras? ›

Casio has applied its unique ideas and technologies to the creation of new culture through the digital cameras it has offered as visual communication tools since 1995.

Why is Seiko better than Casio? ›

One of the most obvious differences to casual watch shoppers when comparing Casio vs. Seiko is the general aesthetic each company leans toward. While Seiko tends toward traditional, even elegant designs, Casio chases a more modern, often sporty look.

What happen to Casio? ›

Casio still makes plenty of vintage watches from the 80's that are quite popular today. They continue to make keyboards and these are more suited for students trying to learn the piano.

Is there fake Casio? ›

Genuine products have aluminium panel on the back side of the display for reinforcement. With counterfeits, the display panel may be unprotected and more likely to be damaged.

What brand is under Casio? ›

Casio markets watches under the G-Shock, Baby-G, Oceanus, Pro Trek, Edifice, and Sheen brand names. The company has operations across the Middle East, Asia, America and Europe.

Is Casio ISO certified? ›

Casio's production sites and main offices operate an ISO 14001 environmental management system and dispose of waste properly in accordance with local laws.

Is Casio a high end watch? ›

Casio - since its beginning in the year 1946, this iconic luxury Japanese watch brand has been delivering innovations to the watch list of luxury brands. The Casio watches have been around as long as forever due to their amazing and bizarre designs encapsulated with distinguishing features.

Why is Casio so popular? ›

Why is Casio famous? Casio is famous for a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons include their wide range of products, including calculators, watches, and electronic musical instruments, their reputation for making durable and reliable products, and their affordability.

Which is better Citizen or Casio? ›

Both are Japanese brands. However casio is primarily Associated with a younger audience than Citizen. Technologically, both are at par; however the aesthetics on a citizen watch are a shade better than Edifice. If you wish to buy a digital watch, the Casio Gshock doesn't even have any competition.

What is the lifespan of Casio? ›

On average, the battery life of a Casio solar watch is 10 years. Nonetheless, with careful use, the watch might live as long as 15–20 years. Users and official records are used to estimate the average lifespan.

Is Casio hard to play? ›

Casios are a great starter keyboard for beginners, and lighter models can be ideal for transportation. Using your Casio is fairly easy, though you may need to consult your manual to use more complicated features, like pre-programmed lessons.

Does the military use Casio watches? ›

G-SHOCK builds the most rugged tactical watches for military personnel who test themselves and test their timepieces. Choose G-SHOCK for the most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the industry, trusted by military personnel, and law enforcement.

Do Casio watches hold their value? ›

Investing in a G-Shock wristwatch is a safe bet that you are getting a quality product. G-Shock watches hold their value well over time, making them a significant investment.

Do Casio watches really last 10 years? ›

While some may have a maximum of 10 years, it's far more likely that they'll last around 5 years, especially with regular wear. Knowing that Casio offer watches with batteries and advanced technology to help them last is an exceptional feature that's a deal breaker for most people hoping to own a great digital watch.

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