Arlo Security Camera Troubleshooting | Our Secure Life (2023)

No camera is perfect and you will come across issues and glitches with even the well-made Arlo Security Camera and the Arlo Base. Learn how to fix all of them through this comprehensive guide!

The Arlo Wi-Fi or smart security camera line of products have continuously evolved through the years and addressed their shortcomings every time, thus every new Pro or Ultra series cam comes with all sorts of improvements.

However, you might still experience issues with the unit involving connectivity, synchronization, or going offline. Regardless, let’s now do some Arlo Security Camera Troubleshooting!

Arlo Security Camera

The Arlo Security Camera comes in several models, from the Pro series to the Ultra series. Regardless, they’re all great and offer things like Alexa or Google Assistant integration, video resolution of up to 4K, and infrared or color night vision.

On that note, here’s how to fix their common issues.

Arlo camera not connecting: Here’s Why & The Fix!

If your camera isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi, it might be because you’re connecting to a 2.4GHz band instead of a 5GHz band. You need to connect your mobile device to the 2.4GHz band In order to connect the cam directly to the router instead of the Base Station.

  • 5G vs. 2.4G: The 5GHz Wi-Fi is more of a Base Station connection while 2.4GHz is more of a direct cam connection.
  • Case-Sensitive Password: The Wi-Fi network SSID and password are case sensitive and must be exactly correct. You might not be able to connect because you sent the wrong password or network name.
  • Out of Signal Range: Place your camera within signal range of your Wi-Fi router to get a solid connection.
  • Camera Time Out: If your camera LED ahs been blinking longer than 2 minutes without a successful Wi-Fi connection it might time out. Press the sync button again to restart the process.

Arlo camera not working: Here’s Why & The Fix!

If your Arlo Cam isn’t working, remove the battery or unplug it from the power socket. Afterwards, reinsert the battery or plug it back to the power socket. Take note of the camera LED behavior when you close the battery door or turn the cam back on.

If the LED indicator light has gone dark or doesn’t light up, check to make sure if it’s a power, wiring, or plugging issue. Maybe the battery isn’t inserted properly or maybe you haven’t plugged the device right. Or maybe the power socket it’s plugged on has gone dead and requires electrician repair.

If your camera is still offline or unresponsive, visit Arlo Support to speak to an expert technician. Your device might already be “bricked”.

Arlo camera not syncing: Here’s Why & The Fix!

If your Arlo Cam isn’t pairing or syncing with your app then do this.

  • Go to “Settings” and “My Devices” and remove al devices.
  • Take off the batteries then reinsert them into the cameras to reset them. Or unplug them from their wiring then replug them. Or turn them off and then turn them on again.
  • Add the Base Station through the “Add Device” button found in the “Devices” tab.
  • Synchronize all the cameras through the Base Station.
  • Make sure to pres the Base “Sync” button briefly. Push it and release without holding it for too long.
  • Check if the batteries are good and the LED light flashes in appropriate colors.

Arlo camera not recording: How to Fix!

If your camera isn’t recording or you can’t find any recordings in the app, do the following:

  • Log Out from App and Check If the Cam is Online: Try logging out of your Arlo app then logging back again. Also, make sure the cam is online. If it’s instead offline, troubleshoot its connectivity or reset it to get it back online.
  • Check Subscription Status: Check your subscription status through the app’s “Settings” and “Subscription” tabs. Your Arlo Secure Subscription or 7-Day Free Cloud Recording should be active to allow cam recording to work.
  • Check if “Filters” are applied in the “Library”: Open your Arlo app or Select “Library”, “Filter”, and “Device”. Afterwards, pick “Select All”.
  • Check the “Rules” and “Mode” Setting: The camera should be armed in order for it to work. Open the app or, select “Mode”, select the camera you wish to fix, and check “Settings” to select the “Armed” option.

Select the pencil icon to go to the “Rules” set then make sure the “Record Video” rule is checked there. Afterwards, just click or tap “Done” to save your settings.

  • Wire-Free vs. Wired Cameras: If you’re using a wire-free camera, just remove the battery if it’s using a battery then wait 15 seconds before putting the battery back. Unplug for 1 minute then replug the power adapter for wired cameras.

Arlo camera not detecting motion: How to Fix!

Go to the “Settings” tab of your tab and use its “Motion Detection Test” to see if your Arlo cam’s LED flashes when detecting movement. If it fails the test and doesn’t flash do a soft reset. Remove the battery for 15 seconds or unplug for 1 minute the cam.

Afterwards, put the battery or plug back into the device. You can also remove and resync the camera with your Base Station to see if that will reactivate its motion detection features.

Arlo camera flashing orange: Here’s The Truth!

If your Arlo cam’s LED is flashing or lighting up orange or amber, it can mean one of several things. Familiarize yourself with the different color options of Arlo Cam thusly.

  • The LED Is Flashing Orange Rapidly: This means the camera is connected to your cellular network but it can’t connect to the cloud.
  • The LED is Flashing Orange Slowly: The cam doesn’t have LTE network coverage. It’s time to find an area in your home where the LTE network can connect to it.
  • The LED Has a Solid Orange Light: If your LED lights a solid, unblinking amber or orange, this means that the SIM card isn’t inserted or it can’t read your potentially damaged SIM card.

Go to your Arlo Cam service provider in order to get a new SIM card. Visit Arlo Support if you have an Arlo Mobile Service Plan as well.

Arlo camera flashing blue: Here’s The Truth!

If your Arlo Security Cam is flashing blue, it could mean a number of things. Take note of the LED’s behavior specifically when it’s done with its startup so you’d know if you’ve successfully made it operational or if you’re faced with some new glitch to troubleshoot.

  • The LED is Flashing Blue Rapidly: This means your cam is connected to the cloud. Fix it by logging out of your app then logging in back again. If it still appears offline, ask Arlo Tech Support for assistance.
  • The LED Has a Solid Blue Light: The camera isn’t connected to your Arlo account. Complete the setup process for a new camera to get it online.
  • The LED Flashes Alternately as Purple and Blue: The camera is currently connecting to the cloud and the network. Wait for the LED behavior to stop changing and check if it has connected successfully.
  • The LED Flashes Alternately as Orange and Blue: An LED that’s blinking blue and amber or orange means it’s receiving a firmware update. Don’t unplug the camera until the update is complete.

Arlo camera not charging: How to Fix!

If your Arlo cam isn’t charging, try removing the batteries and/or power adapter cable to see if that will reactivate charging mode. Don’t forget to insert the battery inside the camera before plugging in the charger. Don’t plug in the charger then put in the battery or it won’t work.

Also, log in to your Arlo account to check if the charger icon appears while the camera is charging or even if your camera is online in the first place.

My Arlo camera is offline: How to Fix!

If your cam went online after you’ve made Internet network changes or switched to a new router, you’ll need to press and release the Sync button o your Arlo Base Station. The Internet LED should blink for 10 seconds then your Arlo cam should go back online.

If the issue persists, remove and reinsert the battery then take note of the cam LED behavior afterwards.

  • No LED Light: The batteries might not be properly oriented or installed.
  • The LED Flashes Blue Once: Resynchronize the cam to your base station.
  • The LED Flashes Blue Rapidly: Your camera is syncing to the base station.
  • The LED Flashes Orange Rapidly: Replace the batteries. They’re out of power.

Arlo Baby not connecting: Fixed it!

If your Arlo Baby Cam or monitor isn’t connecting (and this solution also applies to Arlo Q, by the way), this usually means its LED has a solid purple light. This means it’s connected to the Wi-Fi but not to the Internet.

To troubleshoot this, do the following.

  • Check that the battery is at least 20 percent charged.
  • Check if the Arlo Cam is connected to your Wi-Fi network then connect if it isn’t.
  • Open the Arlo app, log out of it, then log back in.
  • Make sure it’s not an ISP issue and your router is connected to the Internet.
  • If your Arlo Baby is offline but other devices could connect to the Internet, try power-cycling the camera by unplugging the USB cable, sliding the battery switch on the bottom of the device, wait 10 seconds, then slide the switch back on and plug the USB cable back.

Arlo Base Station

The Arlo Base Station or SmartHub is the router-like device responsible for connecting and controlling compatible Arlo devices in one central hub or base, hence its name.

If you have issues with the Arlo Base, do the following.

Arlo base station lights: Here’s The Truth!

Here’s the meaning behind the flashing LED lights of your Arlo Base Station.

  • No Light: The station is not connected to power or it’s turned off.Solid Blue: The station is connected to the Internet.
  • Slow Flashing Blue: It’s connecting to the camera or it’s ready to sync and pair with a camera.
  • Rapid Flashing Blue: The station has successfully paired with a cam.
  • Solid Orange: Something’s wrong with the connection or an error occurred.
  • Slow Flashing Orange: There’s a connection errror, the camera connection can’t be found, or the camera is out of range.
  • Flashing Blue and Orange: A reset or firmware update is in progress.

As for Arlo base stations with multiple lights, here’s the gist.

Power Button:

  • No Light: The station is turned off.
  • Green: The station is turned on.
  • Flashing Green: There’s a firmware update. Don’t turn off the station or cams.
  • Orange: The station is booting up.


  • No Light: The station isn’t connected to the router.
  • Green: The station is connected to the router.
  • Flashing Green: The station is sending data over the Internet.
  • Orange: The station is connecting to the router but there’s no Internet.


  • No Light: It doesn’t detect any cams.
  • Green: Cams are connected to the station.
  • Flashing Green: There’s an ongoing sync attempt with the camera.
  • Orange: Weak signal strength or the camera is too far from the station.

Arlo base station won’t connect: How to Fix!

Go to the Ethernet cable then unplug both ends connecting the station to your router. Afterwards, plug them back again after a minute or so. Or try another Ethernet cable to see if that works.

Make sure your router is working and it’s not an ISP issue. Check the light indicator on the middle of your base station. If it’s orange, it’s a connection problem.

If there’s no LED light at all you should troubleshoot the power source of your station. Check your peripheral devices. Make sure any Wi-Fi extenders, switches, powerline adapters, or mesh Wi-Fi nodes connected to the base station are powered on or functioning properly.

Arlo base station offline: Here’s The Truth!

Like before, if the Internet LED lights go orange, this means your base station is connected to your router but it’s unable to connect to the cloud server of Arlo. Fix it from there with a reset of your router and/or base station.

Also, check your Wi-Fi network information and login credentials. Maybe your device couldn’t connect to the Internet simply because it’s not logged into your router with the right password. These are case-sensitive, after all.

Arlo base station offline but lights are green: Here’s The Truth!

If your base station is offline but it’s connected to the Internet, your ISP itself might be the culprit. Power-cycle your router to see if that fixes things.

Make sure your Wi-Fi router isn’t using a VPN as well. If required, turn off your VPN to allow the station to connect online along with the cameras it’s supposed to control and manage.

When all else fails, perform a factory reset on your station.

  • To do this, you should use a paperclip or pin to press and hold the reset button at the back of the base station. Release the button after 10 seconds.
  • The LED on the station should then flash orange to indicate the reset process is ongoing. Afterwards, the system should reboot.
  • Don’t forget to remove the station from your account. Open your app, click on “Settings, “My Devices”, and select the base station for removal.
  • Afterwards, click “Remove Device” and “Yes” to confirm removal. Just add the station back to the app afterwards.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Arlo Cam and their respective answers.

How to sync Arlo camera?

Press and hold for 2 seconds the Sync button on the top of the device then release it. Sync every camera one at the time instead of at the same time. The Blue LED on the camera flashes to confirm the success of the sync. If it flashes amber instead, then it’s an unsuccessful sync.

How to resync Arlo camera?

You have to redo the synchronization in order to resync an unsynchronized Arlo cam. You might also have to factory reset the Arlo cam then re-add it to the app.

Go to the Arlo app or, select the “Settings” icon, scroll down and then select “Remove Device” on the device you wish to remove on the “Device Settings” page. Afterwards, select “Add New Device” to add the device.

How to reset Arlo camera?

Press and hold for 15 seconds the Sync button then release. Or you could release the button when the camera Led begins blinking amber. To access the Sync button for Arlo Ultra or Pro 3, you need to remove them from their housing.

Make sure the camera LED blinks amber 3 times to confirm the factory settings reset. Don’t hold the Sync button for too long or else you’ll need to do the reset process from the start.

Why is my Arlo not connecting?

Make sure that the camera LED is blinking blue while the camera is being discovered. (The Arlo Video Doorbell LED ring blinks white.) The camera LED can time out if it blinks longer than two minutes without successfully connecting to your WiFi network. If the camera times out, press the sync button again.

How do I resync my Arlo camera?

Press the Sync button on top of the camera for about two seconds and then release the button. Note: Cameras must be synced one at a time. A blue LED on the camera blinks rapidly to confirm sync. If the LED on the camera blinks amber, the sync is not successful.

Is there a reset button on Arlo camera?

To factory reset your Arlo wire-free camera:

Press and hold thesync button on the the camera for about 15 seconds, until the camera LED begins blinking amber, then let go.

How do I remove and resync my Arlo camera?

Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at Tap or click Settings > My Devices and select the camera you want to reset. Tap or click Remove Device. Tap or click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the camera from your account.

What are the 3 lights on Arlo base station?

What are the 3 lights on Arlo base station?

  • The base station is powered on. Blinking green. A firmware update is in progress.
  • The base station is connected to the Internet. Blinking green. The base station is sending or receiving data over the Internet.
  • Cameras are connected to the base station. Blinking green. The base station is attempting to sync with a camera.

How do I reconnect my Arlo camera after changing the battery?

Since you reset the base, your only choice is to remove all devices from Settings, My Devices and then use the Add Device button on the Devices tab. Add the base and then resync your cameras, using the brief press of the sync button.

What does blinking orange light on Arlo camera mean?

The camera’s batteries are low. Fast blinking amber. The camera failed to sync with the SmartHub or base station.

How do I reset my Arlo essential outdoor camera?

Follow the instructions in the Arlo app to add your Essential wire-free camera to your account.Press and hold the sync button for about 10-15 seconds. The camera LED flashes amber 3 times. Let go of the sync button after the 3 amber flashes, and the camera factory resets and shuts down.

What is the sync button on Arlo base station?

If the blue LED is blinking rapidly, your camera is syncing with the base station. If you’re using a Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Pro Wire-Free, Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free, or Arlo Go camera,press the Sync button on the top of the camera. If the blue LED is blinking rapidly, your camera is syncing with the base station.

What happens if you remove a device from Arlo?

WARNING: Removing a device from your accounterases all modes and settings on that device and resets the device to factory default settings.

Why is my Arlo camera not connecting to my phone?

Uninstall/reinstall the app and reboot the phone/tablet. Make sure the phone/tablet is using wifi to the home network, and not cellular. Restart the base. Remove the base and cameras from the account and re-add them.

Why is Arlo not finding my base station?

If Arlo still cannot discover your base station,check the color of the Internet LED on your base station: If the Internet LED does not light after two minutes, the base station failed to connect to your router. Unplug and re-insert both ends of the Ethernet cable connecting your base station to your router.

What does flashing blue light on Arlo mean?

Ususlly the blinking blue led on the camera means thatthe camera is trying to sync with the base stationif it is blinking slowly and a rapidly blinking blue led means that it has synced. It should go off after a couple of seconds once it has synced.

How do I reboot my Arlo base station?

Use a pen or straightened paperclip to press and hold the Reset button on the back of the base station for about 10 seconds. After the base station reset is complete, the LEDs on the front of the base station flash amber. When the LEDs stop flashing amber, your base station reboots.

Why is Arlo camera offline?

Your camera might go offlineif metal objects or thick walls and ceilings exist between the camera and the base station. Do you have an access point or other WiFi device close to the SmartHub or base station? If so, your Arlo system might be experiencing WiFi congestion.

Why is my security camera blinking orange?

The Red/Orange flashing LED on Axis cameras and other devicesindicates that the camera has power. Still, no data, and this usually happens due to a faulty UTP (network) cable or a bad connection to the camera or PoE switch.

Can Arlo cameras be hacked?

Arlo security cameras can be hacked if they’re connected to a wireless Internet connectionsince these connections are rarely secure enough to keep out dedicated hackers. The best way to prevent hacking is to purchase an Arlo model that operates on a cellular network with two-factor authentication.

How do I factory reset my Arlo?

To perform a factory reset on your Arlo Base Station or SmartHub:Use a pen or straightened paperclip to press and hold the Reset button on the back of the Base Station or SmartHub for about 10 seconds.Release the Reset button. After the reset is complete, the LED on the front of the Base Station flashes amber.

How do you know when Arlo essential camera is fully charged?

Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.The camera LED lights solid bluewhen the camera battery is fully charged. You’re Done! Congratulations!


Arlo’s innovative line of smart cams and video doorbells provide the best quality videos and the most comprehensive surveillance-based protection that give the likes of Ring, Wyze, Blink, and Nest a run for their money.

We hope that this comprehensive troubleshooting guide in regards to Arlo Security Cam Wi-Fi connection and Arlo Base synchronization has been of great use to you. Good-bye!


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Arlo Security Camera Troubleshooting | Our Secure Life? ›

To troubleshoot when your Arlo Go camera is offline:

Unplug your Arlo Go camera, remove the battery, reinsert the battery, and notice the camera LED behavior when the door is closed. If the LED does not light, check to make sure that the battery is installed in the correct orientation and that the battery is not dead.

Why is my Arlo camera not working? ›

To troubleshoot when your Arlo Go camera is offline:

Unplug your Arlo Go camera, remove the battery, reinsert the battery, and notice the camera LED behavior when the door is closed. If the LED does not light, check to make sure that the battery is installed in the correct orientation and that the battery is not dead.

Does Arlo have lifetime warranty? ›


What does Arlo end-of-life mean? ›

(“Arlo” or “we”) handles products that reach the end of their life cycle. End-of-Life (“EOL”) or EOL process includes Arlo's course of action for discontinuing Arlo hardware devices, software, and services, including without limitation subscriptions (collectively, the “Arlo Products”).

What is the lifespan of an Arlo camera battery? ›

How long do Arlo camera batteries last? Battery life expectations: Arlo wire-free camera batteries last approximately 3–6 months with average use. Arlo Go camera batteries last approximately 2–3 months with average use, depending on mobile signal strength.

Is there a reset button on Arlo camera? ›

To Factory Reset your Arlo Essential Indoor Camera:

Press and hold the Sync Button on the camera for about 15 seconds. Wait to ensure that the camera LED rapidly blinks blue after 15 seconds, then release the button. Your camera is reset to the factory default settings.

What is going on with Arlo? ›

Arlo Gen 3 and Arlo Pro wireless home security camera systems will stop being supported in April this year, meaning they'll lose access to functions including free cloud storage, firmware updates and security patches.

How do I speak to someone at Arlo? ›

For personalized support specific to the Arlo products you own, access Support from within the Arlo iOS or Android App. Simply login to your Arlo App, go to Settings, Support, then select the Arlo product you would like support for.

Are Arlo cameras repairable? ›

As mentioned above only opening a case with support will get you a replacement. You can not get a camera repaired out of warranty !

Is Arlo being discontinued? ›

The following Arlo hardware devices will be moved to EOL on July 1, 2023: Arlo Wire-Free Camera (VMC3030) Arlo Pro Camera (VMC4030)

Do Arlo cameras expire? ›

EOL notices will include an EOL Effective Date for an Arlo Product. For an Arlo hardware device, Arlo's EOL policy generally is to implement an EOL Effective Date no earlier than four (4) years from the date that volume manufacturing of such Arlo hardware devices last occurred.

Why are my Arlo cameras dying so fast? ›

The battery life of your Arlo camera varies depending on usage. The most common cause of battery drain is excessive usage. The best way to improve battery life is to reduce unwanted videos.

How do you know if Arlo battery is bad? ›

Launch the Arlo Secure App. Tap Devices. The Arlo camera battery level displays on the bottom of the device card. Battery level is also displayed on the Device Settings screen.

Are Arlo camera batteries replaceable? ›

The camera and battery are together in one part, and the camera housing acts as a protective shell in a second part. Replacing the batteries requires you to remove the camera from the camera housing. This modular design allows you to swap batteries with greater ease.

How do you revive Arlo battery? ›

If your battery is completely dead and does not charge, follow these troubleshooting steps:
  1. Remove the battery from your camera.
  2. If your camera is plugged in, unplug your camera's AC power adapter cable.
  3. Plug your camera back in to the AC adapter that came with the camera. ...
  4. Reinsert the camera battery.

How do I manually reset my Arlo? ›

To perform a factory reset on your Arlo Base Station or SmartHub: Use a pen or straightened paperclip to press and hold the Reset button on the back of the Base Station or SmartHub for about 10 seconds. Release the Reset button. After the reset is complete, the LED on the front of the Base Station flashes amber.

How do I refresh my Arlo camera? ›

Launch the Arlo app or log in to Tap or click Settings > My Devices. Select the camera that you want to update. Tap or click Device Info > Firmware > Update.

How long does it take for Arlo to reboot? ›

For Essential Wire-Free: Press and hold the Sync button for about 15 seconds, until the camera LED begins blinking Blue, then release the button. Ensure the camera LED blinks Amber three times. The factory reset may take 15 to 45 seconds to complete.

What is the button on the bottom of my Arlo camera? ›

The button on the bottom of your camera is the sync button. You can use the sync button for different purposes, depending on whether your Essential wire-free camera is shut down or in normal operating mode.

Why is my Arlo cameras offline? ›

Turn your Arlo device off and on.

If your Arlo device uses a removeable battery, remove the battery for ten seconds, then reinsert the battery. If you are using a wired device, unplug the power for ten seconds, then plug the device back in.

How do you tell if someone is watching you on Arlo camera? ›

The ARLO camera has these red dotted lights around the lens that turns on. Now I know from experience of owning the same system that When those lights turn on it's because someone is viewing live.

How do I reconnect my Arlo camera? ›

Press the Sync button on top of the camera for about two seconds and then release the button. A blue LED on the camera blinks rapidly to confirm sync. If the LED on the camera blinks amber, the sync is not successful. You must repeat the sync process.

What company owns Arlo? ›

Arlo Technologies is an American company that makes wireless surveillance cameras. Prior to an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange in August 2018, Arlo was a brand of such products by Netgear, which retained majority control after the IPO.

How do you use Arlo without paying? ›

Like other security cameras from competitor brands, Arlo cameras can work perfectly fine without a subscription, and users can even store videos locally via an Arlo base station. However, pairing them with an Arlo Smart subscription plan will give you some of the most advanced features in smart home devices.

What stops someone stealing an Arlo camera? ›

Anti-Dorp Chain. Protect Your Camera, this anti-theft security chain is designed especially for Arlo Ultra, connect the camera to the mount to prevent the camera from falling and prevent theft.

Will Arlo work if WiFi goes out? ›

Arlo Go works wherever there is 3G/4G LTE wireless connections. Thereby, allowing you to keep an eye on trails, RVs, or your cabin from anywhere, even far away from the nearest power outlet or WiFi connection.

Is Arlo worth the money? ›

Arlo cameras aren't the most expensive out there, and they have impressive motion detection features, making them one of our most popular security camera recommendations. The biggest downside is that Arlo cameras require a paid subscription to access some of the best features.

Why are Arlo cameras so expensive? ›

Most of Arlo's cameras are on the more expensive side of the market, but due to their video quality, durability, and AI features, we think they're well worth the price. In addition to cameras, Arlo also offers doorbells, security lights, and a wide range of accessories.

Can Arlo employees see my video? ›

Only people who have both the login name and password for your account can access your Arlo videos.

Did Arlo stop free recording? ›

On Friday, Arlo CEO Matthew McRae posted a thread on Twitter, announcing that the company will not remove free storage of videos for existing customers and that it is extending the EOL dates for older cameras a further year to 2025. He also committed to sending security updates to these cameras until 2026.

Can you use old Arlo cameras with new ones? ›

Arlo Wire-Free and Arlo Pro cameras and base stations are completely compatible with one another. In most cases, you can install your new Arlo Pro system without making any changes to your existing Arlo Wire-Free system.

How long is Arlo footage without subscription? ›

Your clips save to the Arlo library for up to 30 days after recording.

At what temperature do Arlo cameras stop working? ›

Because of the kinds of batteries they use, the minimum operating temperature for Arlo Wire-Free cameras is 14°F (-10°C), while the minimum operating temperature for Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 2, Pro, and Go cameras is -4°F (-20°C). The Arlo Solar Panel's operating temperature range is 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C).

Why is my Arlo not staying charged? ›

Make sure the battery is correctly installed in the camera and the contacts are free from dirt and debris. Remove and reinstall the battery to ensure a proper connection with the metal contacts inside the camera. Ensure you are using the correct type of AC power adapter with the Indoor Magnetic Charging Cable.

What batteries are best for Arlo? ›

According to the Arlo website, the wire-free cameras have been designed for use with non-rechargeable CR123A batteries. For best results, it is recommended that you continue to use these single-use lithium cells. We recommend sticking to the well-known manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Energizer, and Duracell.

What does flashing blue light on Arlo mean? ›

Slow blinking blue: The camera is attempting to connect to a WiFi network or is in QR scanning mode. Fast blinking blue: The camera is establishing a WiFi or LTE network connection. Fast blinking amber: The camera did not connect to the WiFi network or it did not connect to the LTE network.

Why is the battery symbol red on my Arlo camera? ›

The red color means the charger (e.g., panel) is connected, but that the battery is not charging.

Why is my Arlo battery flashing blue? ›

For more information, visit: How do I turn the Arlo camera Battery Fully Charged LED off? Slow blinking blue. The camera is pairing with an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station, or with your Wi-Fi network.

Why is my Arlo camera not working with new batteries? ›

The Arlo Secure App may take a moment to update after replacing your Arlo Wire-Free Camera (VMC3030) batteries. If you get the Camera needs new batteries error message after replacing the batteries, give the Arlo Secure App up to three minutes to refresh the battery status.

Can you overcharge an Arlo battery? ›

No, your Arlo Go and Arlo Pro batteries will not overcharge. Both the charging station and the Arlo Pro and Arlo Go cameras have safety limits to prevent overcharging. You can leave your cameras and charging stations plugged in with no harmful effects.

How do I get my Arlo camera back online? ›

If your camera is offline after you switched to a new router or made changes to your Internet network, press and release the Sync button on the Arlo SmartHub or base station. The Internet LED blinks for 10 seconds, then your Arlo camera resumes normal operation.

Why did my Arlo camera go offline? ›

You should also verify that the battery is charged since a dead battery obviously will make the camera go offline. One way to test is to swap batteries around. If the battery is dead, a possible reason is the WiFi quality for that camera, whether signal strength or some 2.4GHz interference (WiFi or otherwise).

Why are not all my Arlo cameras recording? ›

If there are no recordings in your Arlo Library: Check your subscription status. You must have an active Arlo Secure subscription for the camera to record.

Why does my security camera keep going offline? ›

A router or connection issue can prevent the camera from connecting, causing it to go offline. Many connectivity difficulties, including wireless network interference and improper router settings, might impair an IP camera. Again, you must enter the right password to connect the camera.

How do I reconnect Arlo to WiFi? ›

From the Devices screen, tap or click Add New Device, and select your camera. If Arlo detects a SmartHub or base station, tap or click Connect without SmartHub or Connect without a Base Station. Follow the in-app instructions to connect your camera or doorbell directly to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

What does camera offline mean? ›

The camera is offline because it can't communicate with the cloud servers. Thus, falling out of sync. This happens when the camera disconnects from your Wi-Fi network or there is a disruption in the power supply. Also, the camera could be located far away from your network router, receiving a poor signal.

Does Arlo work if WiFi is off? ›

The Arlo Go Mobile Security Camera is ideal for security monitoring when traveling or in areas with limited or no WiFi access. Arlo Go works wherever there is 3G/4G LTE wireless connections.

Does Arlo still work without WiFi? ›

No problem. A battery-powered camera really shines when you don't have internet access. Capable of recording in 1080p HD while on LTE, you can rest assured your home will be monitored even when you don't have direct access. Plus, the Arlo Go 2 reverts to Wi-Fi and saves your LTE data usage if you do find a connection.

How do I get Arlo to recognize my device? ›

Launch the Arlo app on Android or iOS. Tap Settings > Profile > Login Settings > Two-Step Verification. Tap the switch next to Enable. Select Push Notification and/or SMS Text Message as your verification method.

Can you record on Arlo without subscription? ›

Yes, Arlo cameras can still work without a subscription and perform basic functions such as live streaming, motion detection, and recording. However, some advanced features, including cloud storage, emergency call services, and AI-enabled detection features, are only available with a subscription plan.

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